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E-commerce testing tools to increase conversions

See how Helpfull lets you increase conversions and sales by pre-testing any aspect of your marketing strategy

E-commerce testing tools to increase conversions

In today’s digital world, an increasingly large percentage of consumers are turning to the internet for their shopping needs

The advent of the internet and the resulting dot-com boom completely disrupted existing markets, and turned the world of business on its head.

Now, not only are many businesses expected not only to run brick and mortar stores - but to compete in extremely competitive, global marketplaces online as well. And as digital e-commerce/retail storefronts continue to grow and thrive at their current rate, more companies are shuttering their physical locations and moving to strict e-commerce models.

The advantages of utilizing e-commerce storefronts and websites are plentiful; however, with so much competition out there, digital retailers need to take the proper measures to ensure they are maximizing the potential for success.

The single most important thing e-commerce businesses can do to manage a successful digital storefront is to regularly collect feedback from their customers.

Collecting feedback is the most efficient way you can stay aware of what facets of your business you need to improve on; learning what you're doing right and what you could be doing better will allow you to effectively satisfy the needs of your online customers.

No matter what field or market you find yourself operating in - conducting thorough research of your online consumer audiences will generate positive results for your e-commerce business.

A/B test your E-commerce experience

Helpfull research surveys help take the guesswork out of your e-commerce strategy; that’s why an intuitive user-interface - coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes - are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for A/B test any e-commerce product or UX testing.

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Types of E-commerce testing available

Utilizing digital surveying techniques allows you to generate vital feedback from online consumers; the kind of feedback that can be used to address a multitude of your daily e-commerce concerns.

Transform your ecommerce customer experience
A/B Usability testing
Customer exit surveys
Order processing
UI performance testing
Build better content
Content analysis
Visual design testing
Performance testing
Test your best product ideas
A/B product testing
Brand sentiment surveys
Product packaging testing
Refine your digital storefront
Shopping cart processes
Amazon product photo comparisons
Shopify product listing testing
Product naming surveys

Product naming surveys

A name is one of the most valuable assets a brand owns. The power of intangible brand assets like trademarked logos and brand catchphrases cannot be understated; investing time and research into refining your product names is absolutely vital when marketing new products on your ecommerce website.

Unique, powerful brand names - one that resonates with consumers and ranks highly in their Google search - do not often appear overnight. All of the most successful and well-recognized brands (Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nike) rely on extensive and thorough market research to develop their brands and enhance online visibility. Not only do audience-tested product names sound better - the A/B tested products themselves often perform better on the market.

Once our users develop a set of their best product name ideas, they are able to quickly turn around and test these ideas immediately in front of an online audience mix of real people. The ability to design and submit online surveys in minutes completely transforms the way our users develop their names.

Shopify product testing

Do you have a product or business on Shopify, and need to figure out how best you can bolster your online sales? 

With Helpfull surveys, users can conduct a variety of different AB tests to uncover what audiences do and do not respond to in terms of their business designs. Surveys are an easy way businesses and designers can develop their visual design elements or brand imagery quickly and cheaply.

AB testing a Shopify product ensures that your customers receive the expected experience. Once you have that data from A/B testing, you can create different variations of your product and test which version performs better. If you find a problem with your product, you can fix it quickly and move on to the next iteration of the testing process. AB testing is a great way to ensure your Shopify product listing is as effective as possible.

Online surveys are very effective tools for developing and managing your relationships with your customers. By keeping informed of your audiences’ changing tastes and brand sentiments, you can stay ahead of the curve and continue to make the right business decisions that allow you to manage your digital storefronts efficiently.

Getting good feedback matters - whether you're selling your craft on Etsy, growing your business on Shopify, or refining your Amazon product listings.

Shopify product testing
Get feedback on your e-commerce website design and UX

Get feedback on your e-commerce website design and UX

Getting feedback from your audiences isn’t just important - it’s vital. When you fail to capture the voices and insights of your customers, you're doing more than just leaving money on the table; you could be setting yourself up for failure in the long-term.

When you utilize customer feedback in your decision-making, you are making better business decisions. If you can develop a clear understanding of your average customer - their wants, needs, desires, and values - then you can operate our e-commerce storefront more effectively.

You can adapt your procedures to create a more positive online customer experience, develop products that more effectively meet your customer’s needs, and cultivate a culture of shared respect and loyalty between you and your clients.

Have an Amazon store? We can help!

We realize staying competitive in a heavily trafficked and saturated digital market like Amazon is no easy feat; that’s why we’ve created several Helpfull survey templates that will drive the continued success of your digital product listings.

Helpfull survey templates to test Amazon store
Overcome your challenges with Helpfull

Overcome your challenges with Helpfull

Developing effective surveys and regularly testing your audiences is crucial for the continued success of your business. Utilizing research-backed decision making is the only way you can develop and maintain your e-commerce business long into the future.

Helpfull surveys allow users to gather consumer research from a dedicated community of people just like you. No matter what facet of your e-commerce business you’re looking to grow, no matter the question you’re after - our panelists are here to give you measured and immediate feedback.

A simple survey could be all that stands between you and the renewed financial success of your e-commerce business.

More survey designs to help you improve your digital sales:

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