How it works

This is how Helpfull works


Build your survey

Whether you need help deciding between images, text, or anything - our system will walk you through setting up your survey in a few easy steps.


Select demographics to target

Want feedback from specific demographics of people? Either use our general mixed pool of US based people or dial it down to who exactly you want to reach.


Get a detailed report

Your survey is off and getting feedback, watch in real-time as people respond.  Once it’s done you’ll have a detailed report with the information everyone provided.

See why so many people choose Helpfull

Fastest results

Most of our surveys will have a complete set of results in under 30 minutes. Watch in real time as feedback pops up onto your screen!


Dial in your demographics down to a specific group of people. Over 500 possible demographic combinations to find the people you want.

Ease of use

We've always designed this service to be so easy to use our grandma can use it.  It's an enterprise level platform that anyone can use.

Best support

Our amazing support team is here to help you with any questions or issues that pop up. You can email, web chat or even call us right now!

Start receiving feedback right now

Our 1,000's of testers are standing by and ready to help you out! 
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