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Welcome to the copywriter's secret weapon. Test headlines, landline pages, ads, and more to create top-performing copy.

Elevate Your Writing With Data-Backed Insights

How do you know your writing is going to be effective? Rather than just sending out a new email newsletter, ad, or social media post and hoping that it performs well, what if you could test it beforehand?

Helpfull allows you to send fast, affordable surveys to your target audience to get feedback on your copy or content writing. A/B test headlines, check for clarity, and more in minutes.

Fast, Affordable Feedback

Traditional focus groups are labor-intensive, expensive, and often require weeks to set up.

With Helpful, you can set up a new survey and receive a full set of results in under 30 minutes. For as low as $1 per response, businesses of all sizes can use surveys to guarantee their writing will make an impact.

Choose Your Target Reader,
Receive Honest Answers

Are you writing to busy executives? What about moms who love to hike on the weekends? Baking hobbyists? 

No matter who your target audience is, you can get their specific feedback on your writing. Choose from hundreds of demographic markers, and filter our pool of 50,000+ US-based respondents.

With Helpfull, you can make sure that your copy resonates with your target market.

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Surveys For Copy

A few of the ways you can use surveys to quickly determine what works– and what doesn't– for your copy.

Written Feedback

Want more comprehensive feedback than a split test? Use survey questions to ask readers what resonated with them the most about the copy, where it needs improvement, or any other questions.

Competitor Analysis

Compare your copy side-by-side with competitors to get feedback on how your business's copy can stand out from the rest.

A/B Testing

Quickly test the efficacy of two different versions of your copy– you'll know within minutes which version will perform better!

Types of Surveys You Can Build & Send to Our Panelists

Questionnaire survey

Questionnaire surveys

The perfect solution for market research, split testing, or design feedback. Choose from our library of templates or create your own written survey.

Screen recording survey

Screen recordings

View participant's screens as they walk through your website, platform, or application. Find any usability gaps, and ensure your product is easy for your target audience to understand.

Webcam enabled survey

Webcam enabled surveys

Create a virtual focus group! View participant's facial reactions as they answer the questions provided to them. Receive more genuine, realtime feedback than traditional written surveys.

How to Test Your Copy Effectively

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