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Refine your trial strategy by getting feedback from real people.

Quickest Way To Perform Mock Juries In Real-Time
Actionable feedback
Insights From US Based Panelists
Create a Custom Panel
Comprehensive Demographics
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Actionable feedback
Insights From US Based Panelists
Create a Custom Panel
Comprehensive Demographics
Accurate feedback
Savvy Downloadable Reports

Create a Custom Online Mock Jury in Minutes

Get realtime feedback from real people for your trial strategy. Mock trials give attorneys a no-risk way to test different aspects of the case outside of the courtroom. Want to know how a pool or general population jurors would respond to a particular argument or piece of evidence? Mock juries are the answer.

Virtual and online trials have been gaining ground in trial research throughout the past two decades. With Helpfull, you can conduct real-time jury research and increase your level of preparation through content, images, and points experiments.

Quality Feedback & Actionable Answers
Case Evaluation
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Verdict Evidence
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Create a Custom Panel
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Advice To Plaintiff's Attorney
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Comprehensive Demographics
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Case Evaluation
Verdict Evidence
Create a Custom Panel
Advice To Plaintiff's Attorney
Comprehensive Demographics
Advice To Defence Attorney
Realistic View

Fine Tune Your Winning Trial Strategy

Create an online mock jury in minutes.  
Get instant feedback on any aspect of your trial , then use data-based strategies to iterate and improve.

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Critical Insights From a Diverse Population

Understand juror perspectives and how an everyday population may perceive the case, evidence, and arguments presented.

Separate participants by demographic types to identify trends. There's no need to spend weeks recruiting and coordinating set-up for a mock jury. Simply build your surveys, then receive comprehensive feedback from your selected participants in 20 minutes or less.

Refine & Iterate Your Trial Strategy

When it comes to a trial argument, every detail matters. Why leave anything up to chance?

Iterate and refine your existing trial strategies through shadow jury research. Rotate argument variants in a live split test, receive first-impression feedback on exhibits, and more.  Enhance your strategies progressively through testing and realtime data from over 50,000 participants.  

Improve Trial Preparation
Realistic Perspectives On the Testaments

Cost-Effective Method for Actionable Insights

Typically, sourcing and creating these mock jury panels can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. With Helpfull, you can cut through the prohibitive price tag and begin receiving feedback on your case for as little as a dollar per response. Our system is flexible, fast, and can support a wide range of survey types.

All the benefits of a mock jury, without the excessive price tag.  

Create a custom panel by surveying a mixed population or using a specific mix of the following to meet your potential jury demographics.

Marital Status
Prime Member
Alcohol Coffee/Tea Drinker
Fitness Level
Video Game Player
Book reading
Dietary Preferences

Why Use Helpfull for Mock Jury Research?

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Create a Custom Mock Jury

Select from dozens of demographics to construct your ideal jury pool. Model demographics based on census data from your trial location, or test your trial data against different demographic groups to identify trends.

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Real-Time Results

Receive a full panel of feedback from real people in 10-30 minutes. View results, then iterate and run more tests as needed.

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Create Custom Surveys

Choose from standard questionnaire surveys or use webcam-enabled surveys to have participants share their feedback through live video.

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Collaborate with CSV/Excel Export

Export your survey results to a csv, allowing you to take a data-based approach to improving your trial strategy.

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