Leverage an API for Instant Feedback on Your Application

An easy way to collect quick feedback on your application, tapping into over 10,000 people. Helpfull Public API simplifies the process with 2-way communication, seamless integrations, and customizable analytics reporting.

Feedback on Public API
Detailed Insights & Most Accurate Feedback
Accurate feedback
Quick & Honest Answers from USA-Based Panelists
USA based panelists
JSON Responses in Minutes After Test Launch
Json responses
Wide Variety of Demographics
Shareable Link with Visualized Data
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Detailed Insights & Most Accurate Feedback
Quick & Honest Answers from USA-Based Panelists
JSON Responses in Minutes After Test Launch
Wide Variety of Demographics
Shareable Link with Visualized Data
Run Test with Visual Test Builder
Detailed Insights & Most Accurate Feedback
Detailed & Actionable Insights

Want to collect feedback but not sure where to start? Helpful Public API has you covered. Start with Qualitative Feedback at every touchpoint. With our powerful, easy-to-integrate platform, your organization can focus on building your product and experience without worrying about collecting feedback.Our platform is built to give you instant feedback, research, and more. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible, so we're constantly monitoring your data and following up with relevant insights.

Instant Real-Time Feedback from Experts

Get instant, real-time feedback from expert panels across the US with the Helpfull Public API. With integrated survey feedback, you can follow up on sales processes, fine-tune marketing actions and monitor customer support effectiveness.No matter what your application is, our platform helps you get the most out of your data and make more informed decisions. We offer easy integration of survey data into your app with our powerful API and continuous monitoring.

Scalable Way to Collect Actionable Insights

The Helpfull Public API is a simple and scalable way to collect feedback from 10,000 people. It's also fast, easy to use, and integrates with your team's workflow. With the Helpfull Public API, you can easily & quickly collect actionable feedback from your customers and followers—all while tapping into over 10,000 people ready to provide instant feedback, answer surveys, research, and more.

Build Your Own Custom Panel Aligning To Your Specific Target Audience

Marital Status
Prime Member
Alcohol Coffee/Tea Drinker
Fitness Level
Video Game Player
Book reading
Dietary Preferences

What is an API Survey?

API survey is a free and open-ended online survey that allows you to gain insight into the state of the API market & develop strategies to drive growth. The survey provides valuable feedback on your current and future API development efforts.

The survey covers several topics, including demographics, pain points, team dynamics & resources.After completing the survey, you receive a detailed report with insights into how your company is doing in API development.

API survey is an easy way to get feedback from API users on your product or service. It allows you to ask for feedback on functionality, usability, and experience. Responding to feedback can help you improve your product or service, and it can also help you gain insight into your potential users' needs and wants.

Take advantage of the Helpfull API survey to get feedback on either your product or service or the functionality of an existing product or service you're developing. You can use the feedback to make improvements, design features, or test new products and features.

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Why is Survey Feedback Important?

With the rise of API integrations, success is about how well they interact with your users. Feedback from your end users can give you insight into how your API is being used and can be used to improve the experience. Here are some tips on how to get feedback from your users:

Steps in API survey feedback

Send a link to your product or service that caters to a specific industry or vertical. It gives your end users an easy way to find the product or service they are looking for.

Get feedback from multiple groups, such as specific demographics, time of day, and frequency of use. It allows you to understand what works best and what needs improvement.

Use surveys to get more accurate data about your users' needs and concerns. You can compare responses from different survey types to better understand what works best for you.

Use analytics tools like monitor your API integration's performance over time. It can give you insights into the various factors that affect the performance of your API integration, including user behavior and referrer data.

Get an audience of real people to test your ideas

A/B Test your ideas and see how your target audience responds. With HelpFull, you can get a panel of real people to review your ideas so that you can make them better. It's never been easier to get the feedback you need.

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Quick JSON Response for Your Application

Our API offers a quick and easy way to add real-time feedback to your app. With our JSON Responses, you can get responses minutes after the test launch. Don't waste time on building a custom solution when Helpfull Public API has the same possibilities as at launch.

Instant Feedback From Custom Panel

Want to know what users are thinking in your industry? Create a custom panel by targeting demographics, survey a broad mix of the population or USA-specific demographics to build a custom panel that matches your particular target audience. Get instant feedback from an audience that cares.

Save Resources With Integrated Survey Feedback

With the Helpfull API, you can create surveys, monitor customer satisfaction, and even receive instant feedback. Our API will give you data on how to improve and increase customer satisfaction.Use our API to automate responses from your survey sources to your website. With continuous monitoring, you'll get the response you need in seconds. Monitor your customer service and marketing processes with integrative survey feedback from our API.

Empower Developers with Survey Data

With the Helpfull Public API, you can share data across your organization to empower teams in making decisions and achieving success. The Helpful Public API helps you get real-time feedback from customers, answer surveys, provide research, and more—allowing you to always fine-tune your application, follow up on your sales processes, and monitor customer support with continuous feedback.Get the most out of your feedback with Helpfull Public API Surveys. An easy and seamless way to integrate survey data into your favorite apps for all marketing campaigns, from customer support to sales.

Quick JSON response for your application

Helpful API makes adding real-time feedback to your application easy and straightforward

Get Started Now With HelpFull Public API Surveys

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Multiple Dimensional Perspective

Helpful Public API Feedback Survey is a free platform where you can get feedback from the pollsters on your product. It is a great way to get feedback from real users and improve your product with their valuable insights.

It helps to improve your product, enabling you to focus on the features. Helpful API feedback surveys are affordable to obtain honest feedback on your apps and websites. The surveys are free to fill out and offer valuable feedback to help you improve your product or service.

Multi dimensional perspective for API feedback survey

Gain Track On Users' Opinions

Collecting feedback from your users is critical for developing great products. With Helpfull API feedback surveys, you can gain valuable information about your users' opinions on your app or website. Views can be used to improve your product or develop new features. The great thing about Helpful API feedback surveys is that you can create a survey and have it distributed to a large number of people. This means that there is a high chance that people will complete the survey and give you valuable feedback.

Because it's the only way to have a direct experience with the product and get valuable feedback from real users, it helps to craft exceptional user experiences and a fantastic product. But it takes time and effort, so don't rush it.

Collecting feedback from your users is critical for developing great products.

Get an audience of real people to test your ideas

A/B Test your ideas and see how your target audience responds. With HelpFull, you can get a panel of real people to review your ideas so that you can make them better. It's never been easier to get the feedback you need.

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Features of Helpfull API Integration With Surveys

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Our API integration with feedback surveys allows you to collect feedback from a survey mix of 10000 people across the US and turn it into actionable insights.  With our API integration, you can:

Easily collect feedback from your users through a simple form

Turn their feedback into insights that help you improve your product or service

All the data collected through the feedback survey is anonymized, visualized, and offered with shareable links

With an API, you can create and manage feedback surveys that people can fill out. You can also view and respond to feedback surveys people have completed. This integration allows you to collect user feedback and send it to a third party for marketing purposes.

Shareable Links
Workflow Automation

Helpfull feedback surveys help to automate workflow. You can build surveys with the survey builder, starting with a test with a Question Block with Api Feedback Survey Form. Three types of Question blocks are available for api Feedback Survey Questions: Image comparison, Text Comparison, and Open-ended.

A feedback survey is a painless way to collect information about your application. Helpfull Public API feedback survey is customizable and less intimidating. It allows you to learn more about their concerns and points of view.

You can gather feedback from multiple perspectives. Leverage qualitative feedback from 10000 genuine people with Helpfull Public API Surveys

Workflow Automation
Survey Data Integration

Data integration can be used to add feedback surveys to a product. It can be done by adding a survey to the product using the product creator's interface or through an external website.

The process is as follows:

The creator creates the product and makes the necessary changes to the product page. The product creator enters the information for the survey in the 'Survey' field of the creation page.

The creator is able to edit the survey at any time, but they cannot delete it or make changes to it. When ready, the creator can submit the product for testing or approval.

Survey Data Integration

Use of API Integration with Surveys

Using API integration with surveys can be very effective in driving conversions and reaching your goals. For example, you could use the API feedback survey questions and answers results from a survey to send prospect leads to your website or email list.

You could also use the results from a survey to create an incentive for your customers to take a follow-up call. This can be very valuable for driving engagement and conversions. Integrating your survey with your API allows you to collect data and run follow-ups easily.
You can use API integration with surveys to collect data from your users directly within the survey platform. It enables you to collect data on your product or service without having to send any personally identifiable information to the respondents.

Use of API Integration with Surveys

Helpful API integration with surveys is a great way to boost your engagement and turn your users into customers

Public API surveys offer you valuable information that can be used to improve your product or service.

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Valuable feedback from real users
Valuable feedback from real users

Your product team can get valuable feedback from real users. This feedback can be used to improve your product or service. This feedback can also be used to benchmark your product against competitors.

Design new features
Design new features

Feedback can also be used to design new features or roll out old ones. Finally, if your public API survey is helpful, you might want to share it with your friends and contacts! I don't think any business would benefit from using a public API.

Increase client’s loyalty
Increase client’s loyalty

Any business that depends on its users for feedback and help can be taken advantage of. All the data is stolen and misused. It is hard to report bugs and make changes to the data. You'll get bad reviews from disgruntled users.

Improve your product
Improve your product

Your public API surveys are a great source of feedback. They typically contain a lot of valuable information that can be used to improve your product or service.

Holistic Survey Methodology

Conduct Polls

The public API for polls lets you conduct polls. You can retrieve data from a poll, update the poll parameters, and send commands to the poll through the API.

Conduct Surveys

The public API for surveys lets you conduct surveys. You can download survey results through the API and update parameters in a survey.

Download Results

The public API for downloads lets you download survey results from a poll or an online survey. You can retrieve raw data from a survey, adjust parameters in a survey, and download results as JSON objects.

Gain insight into your customer's needs and desires so that you can develop a plan for improving your API integration experience.

Collect feedback on the current state of API integration and use it to enhance the integration and create new features.

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