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Academic Research Surveys

With Helpful, you can choose the sample groups based on those who have similar demographics

Segmenting your audiences makes it easier for you to gauge the size of your respective survey-allowing you to determine which segments are the most aligned to your academic research

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Gain Multidimensional Perspectives in Real Time

HelpFull Academic survey research provides multidimensional insights by gathering respondents from diverse geographies, sectors, and demographics

Users can analyze results from different angles and draw accurate conclusions from the pool of 10000+ respondents across the US, delivering unique data that is not widely available. HelpFull develops a more holistic understanding of your target audience's needs and preferences & efficient way to collect data from a large pool of respondents. This makes them ideal for large-scale studies. HelpFull offers a treasure trove of analysis options that can be used to make informed decisions. This allows you to draw accurate conclusions and make informed decisions as you work towards your goals.

To help people filter out responses that are too broad, narrow, or unhelpful, Helpful includes words and phrases that users can choose to filter their surveys down to one that is more targeted. Academic research requires enormous effort and time, which can be a struggle for many students and researchers. HelpFull makes this process easier and more efficient.

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Improved Precision with The Best Survey Software for Academic Research

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Helpfull allows researchers to collect information about a specific topic from a wide range of people. This data can then be analyzed and interpreted to conclude the topic.

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Create surveys easily, with no coding required. This can make creating surveys for academic purposes much quicker and easier than using a traditional questionnaire design program.

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Validate the data collected from their surveys before processing it, ensuring it's reliable. Minimize the chance of errors or data corruption.

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Collect information that is more accurate, as every question is automatically checked before being displayed to respondents. The expert respondents are providing accurate responses, leading to more reliable results.

The results are reliable and valid

Helpfull makes the research credible by ensuring that your questions are relevant to the target population and your study is well-designed and executed. The results you obtain are reliable and valid

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You’ll get the expert opinions

You can set surveys to get brutally honest feedback on if your survey questions are accurate. You can utilize the expert opinions to develop a well-designed study and execute it to ensure that your findings are reliable and valid. Helpfull allows you to test your research and you get reliable and valid research results.

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Bring Your Research to Life

Make your research believable with real-world insights. Share your surveys via web links, various social channels, or email. HelpFull, will help you to share your university research surveys with your audience easily. It makes publishing your academic survey research easy and convenient.

Get Immediate Feedback From Helpfull Focus Group

We complete focus groups in just 18 minutes, giving you honest feedback and the ability to include your audience's input quickly without delay.

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What is an academic survey all about?

An academic survey is a research study that can help academics and researchers understand their target audiences' opinions, needs, and preferences. They are usually conducted to gather qualitative data on a topic or collection of topics.

The scholarly survey collects data on a topic or topic area (specifically, a question or group of questions) in order to conduct research. Academics use surveys to collect data that can be used in research papers, presentations, or grant applications.

The primary advantage surveys with HelpFull have over questionnaires is that they allow for more focused questions and analysis of responses. They are also more likely to generate results that are representative of the entire target group.

Surveys with HelpFull are inexpensive to run; they can also be time-saving to produce and collect data from the experts. It generates results that are perfectly representative due to the pollsters being no biases in question selection or respondent motivation.The questionnaires in HelpFull academic surveys include questions asking the same expert pollsters over time. The data is analyzed by combining results across respondents.

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Use HelpFull to test the effects of different questions on student responses

Derive insights on the questions that are more likely to produce the results you're looking for aligned with your survey objectives

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