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In 2021, it’s hard to conceive of a business or service that wouldn’t benefit from a companion mobile app

With that being said, developing a mobile app is never a leisurely endeavor.

The mobile app survey is an extremely effective tool for developers looking to test their audiences. In the early stages of mobile app development, the feedback you receive from your test audiences is what allows you to take your creations to the next level.

Before you launch your app, it’s crucial that you test your platform; it’s the only way you can ensure your app is functional from day one, and that it can handle the server loads generated by incoming users.

Create the best app design and mobile experience

Finding the best app design criteria requires us to incorporate feedback we receive from your audiences into your work.

Develop and add new features in real-time

Whether you're looking to go live with your latest holiday update, or need to focus-test some quality-of-life improvements - a mobile app survey can help.

Helpfull as a mobile app testing tool utilizes instant-surveying technology, allowing users immediate access to their survey results as they are submitted. The ability to gather real-time feedback from your test audiences allows you to incorporate their advice and critique into your designs without delay.

Streamline your app development process

Allowing unbiased third-parties to review the way you create and handle your business can help you to improve the efficiency of your work.

Mobile app surveys to improve your NPS

Your Net Promoter Score tells you how likely your customers are to recommend your application to their friends, or leave a good review. This tool is a great way to evaluate the quality of your user experience (UX); it also allows you to determine who your most loyal and enthusiastic users are.

Surveying your audiences with questions like, “On a scale from 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend our app to a friend or family member?” can generate constructive insight into your business. Giving your users an outlet to point out where your app’s performance does not meet expectations can help you to better address your app’s inefficiencies.

Split testing for games

When it comes to launching your latest mobile game ideas, success is not always guaranteed.

Developing a mobile game that sells in today’s oversaturated market doesn’t come easy; what we can guarantee is that surveying thousands of pollsters - allowing them to share their thoughts and give game feedback - generates powerful solutions for your app development process.

Many developers now incorporate a game feedback panel directly into the UI - typically throughout the alpha and beta testing stages. These act as a direct channel that the user can utilize to share their thoughts with the developers. Consider including a mobile app feedback panel into your design; the fewer barriers you place between your audiences and their ability to deliver feedback, the more likely you are to receive quality results.

Surveys can also be used to maintain high levels of engagement with your audiences throughout the life of your game. Simple A/B split testing can be used to allow respondents to vote on prioritizing upcoming paid content or DLC releases; they can even be used to make impactful changes on your game’s development.

Listen to your customers and incorporate their feedback as you continue to develop and maintain your app. If a member of your audience can engage with your content and recognize that their voice has been heard, they will promote your product better than your own marketing team can.

App icon validation

The icon is one of the most prominent visual components of your app.

We know how prone mobile apps can be to plagiarism and copying. When users are scrolling through their app store, their eyes start to glaze over from looking at one-too-many clone titles. Therefore, it’s pertinent to invest time into developing your app icon design.

Helpfull shines as a mobile app testing tool when users take advantage of instant surveys to test their design iterations. With an average completion time of just 18 minutes, Helpfull mobile app surveys are perfect for designers looking to test one or even multiple sets of different icon changes. If you’re tweaking and removing elements from your design each time, every survey will leave your logo looking cleaner than the last. Remember - when it comes to logos, a simple design is almost always better.

Improve your app design!

A mobile app feedback survey could be all that stands between your digital app and breakout success; that’s why an intuitive user-interface - coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes - are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, marketer, or inquisitive spirit.

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Benefits of using a mobile app testing tool

Mobile testing tools like Helpfull allow developers to gain unique insight into how customers both view and interact with their software.

User feedback helps us speed up your development process, and can help you to identify potential issues in your app in the early stages of your designs.

Another immediate benefit of digital surveying is that they can be utilized at any point throughout your app’s life - even post-product launch. After establishing a successful app, using surveys can help you to grow your audiences and to continue refining your services.

Gather buyer sentiment about your digital product or service
Uncover bugs and inefficiencies in your user experience
Promote your current or upcoming apps
Develop user engagement and loyalty with your app

What mobile app feedback questions should you be asking?

Digital surveying can be utilized to reach diverse groups of people from all across the globe; but before we spend time and energy researching for your app, it’s vital you have a clear understanding of who your audiences are and what you will be asking them.

Users on Helpfull can choose to submit their surveys to two general categories of customers: general audiences, and targeted demographics.

When you refine your audiences by demographic, you are left with only people who you know are likely to fit with your target market; from there, you can ask them all of your burning mobile app feedback questions. Questions like:

Design questions
right icon
How important are each of the individual elements in our product to our customers?
right icon
Which visual design do our customers prefer?
right icon
Is our design accessible to those with disabilities?
Customer experience questions
right icon
How satisfied are you with our product?
right icon
Was it easy to access our customer service department?
right icon
How likely is it that our audiences will recommend our product or service to a friend or colleague?
UX/UI questions
right icon
What difficulties did you have navigating our app?
right icon
Which of the following features do you use the most/least?
right icon
Should this be an addition to our app?

Each mobile app evaluation questionnaire you send out should only focus on one particular issue or element of design; multiple sets of questionnaires can help you to parse out the most valuable elements of your customer feedback. Follow-up surveys keep your research data current, and keeps your audiences engaged with your brand.

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