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Reach Your Target Reader

Market research plays a crucial role in the publishing industry, helping authors and publishers identify trends, understand their target audience, and test marketing strategies prior to a new book launch.

With Helpfull, there's no need to have the budget of a large publishing house in order leverage the power of market research. Start sending custom surveys to your audience for as little as $1 per response.

Author feedback surveys for increased book sales

Writing to a niche demographic? Create a targeted survey to receive feedback from your target market.

Select from hundreds of different demographic markers to create your ideal reader profile

Book cover design testing

Proven Sales and Marketing Strategies

While people may fall in love with your writing once they start reading your book, presentation and book design makes all the difference when it comes to readers purchasing it in the first place.

For example: A/B cover testing has been shown to improve book sales and click through rate by as much as 51%!

Optimize Your Book with Surveys

Maximize your book's success with powerful consumer feedback– all before it ever hits the shelves.
Cover Design
Stand out on the shelves! Use data to determine the most eye-catching design.
Find out which title will have the most impact or most clearly represents your book.
Leverage surveys to create a description or back-cover that readers can't resist.

Why Use Helpfull?

User testing and focus groups used to only be available to large companies (with even larger budgets!). Now, you can harness the power of data-driven publishing.

Quality feedback

Quality feedback

Actionable research you can use to make better business decisions.

Real people

Real people

All our respondents are real people, pre-screened and based in the US.

Honest answers

Honest answers

Survey an unbiased, honest population pool for the most valuable insights.

Target audience

Any target audience

Create a panel of your target audience, customer, or user base using demographic selectors.

Increase in revenue

Boost revenue

Identify trends and insights to make real changes to your bottom line.

A/B Testing

A/B testing

Simplified A/B and split testing: show data-backed results in minutes.

Idea validation

Idea validation

Think you have a great idea?  Use market validation surveys to test it right away.

Market Research

Export Reports

Make collaboration easy and track progress over time

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