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With Helpfull, You Can Refine Your Amazon Survey Audiences Based On Any Of These Demographic Traits

Amazon Prime Membership
Number of Children
Political Affiliations
Home Owner / Renter
Income Level
Social Media Usage
The list doesn’t end there. By surveying the right audiences - audiences made up of our very own customers - we can be sure we are gathering the data we need in order to successfully run our marketing campaigns.
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Survey your audience in real-time

Helpfull as a mobile app testing tool utilizes instant-surveying technology, allowing users immediate access to their AB test results the moment their respondents submit a reply. The ability to gather real-time feedback from thousands of pollsters in real-time allows you to incorporate their advice and critique into your product listings without delay.

When you’re looking to meet deadlines or to stay on top of ever-evolving consumer trends, time is money. Traditional surveying techniques such as phone polling or door-to-door soliciting were lengthy and expensive endeavors; on top of that, you were limited in your audiences to only customers living in your immediate vicinity, or to those who only had phones. These inherent limitations often lead to issues with the resulting data - usually pertaining to selection bias and over-representation.

No matter what product you’re selling - conducting thorough research of your consumer audiences will generate positive results for your e-commerce business.

Start testing your Amazon listings and images!

Helpfull research surveys help take the guesswork out of developing successful Amazon listings; that’s why an intuitive user-interface - coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes - are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any Amazon seller or partner. 

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A/B Testing Your Amazon Ads

Amazon split testing on Helpfull’s platform can increase your earning potential for your products. Surveys are an easy way businesses and designers can develop their visual design elements or brand imagery quickly and cheaply.

Helpfull provides a variety of survey templates designed to help businesses get the most out of their listings. These surveys are formatted to gather the data you need to maximize your product’s capacity to appear on Amazon’s internal search engine. Whether you’re in need of split testing images for your brand, or trying to tweak the latest iterations for your product titles - we’ve got a template that fits.

Testing creative design and image variations

Presentation is key to maintaining a successful Amazon product listing.

How you present your product to your audience - your product photos, your brand design, your product descriptions - can all have a major impact on how your listing is received.

The benefit of Amazon split testing your visual design elements on Helpfull - elements like product photos, packaging variations, or even advertisements - is that users are able to quickly gather audience sentiment on multiple design iterations. With Helpfull’s AB testing platform, Amazon sellers can test up to eight product titles or pictures with just one question.

Use A/B testings for your Amazon listings

Traditional split testing services like Splitly, Listing Dojo, or Amazon’s own service, Manage Your Experiments, offer users the ability to direct portions of your Amazon traffic to different product variations. While useful in some instances, the services these tools offer are limited:

They require you to already have large amounts of traffic routing through to your listings already
In some cases, you need to continue paying for these services over time in order to continue having your variations tested
These tests are often lengthy, and do not provide users with their results until several days after the survey is submitted
Using live traffic to test your design iterations is risky, and can negatively influence your sales if your variations underperform

With Helpfull’s instant A/B testing platform, businesses on Amazon can gather real-time feedback on their product variations - and with far less risk than traditional platforms.

These are just a few of the features that make Helpfull a must-have tool for those looking to take their product listings to the next level:

No locked-in price-plan
Affordable surveying options
Create simple surveys with pre-set questions, or design your own
No extra cost for multiple questions in a single survey
Wide variety of polling demographics to choose from
Get responses & feedback in real-time
Save your favorite answers for easy reference
Aesthetically pleasing UI and easy-to-use interface
Easy to access prior surveys

Types of split testing options

Helpfull’s open-ended testing design allows users to test any element of their Amazon product listing.

Transform your ecommerce customer experience
Usability testing
Customer exit surveys
Order processing
UI performance testing
Build better content
Content analysis
Visual design testing
Performance testing
Test your best product ideas
A/B product testing
Brand sentiment surveys
Product packaging testing
Refine your digital storefront
Shopping cart processes
Amazon product photo comparisons
Shopify product listing testing

Get feedback on your product and service ideas

Conducting a feedback survey of current business products or your existing company procedures can yield surprising results. Designing quality survey questions about your product designs can save you time and money in the long-run by allowing you to focus-test your ideas before you start to market.

A/B surveys to improve your NPS

Your Net Promoter Score tells you how likely your customers are to recommend your product to their friends, or leave a good review. This tool is a great way to evaluate the quality of your product and your product descriptions; it also allows you to determine who your most loyal and enthusiastic customers are.

Surveying your audiences with questions like, “On a scale from 1 to 5, how likely are you to recommend our product to a friend or family member?” can generate constructive insight into your business. Giving your users an outlet to point out where your product’s performance does not meet expectations can help you to better address your design inefficiencies.

How surveys help sellers

Developing effective Amazon listings that draw customers to your products requires patience and proper research. Before you can maximize the earning potential of your e-commerce business, you need to answer some important questions - questions like:

What are your customer demographics?
Which of your product images are most effective at drawing an audience?
Are your product descriptions comprehensive?
Are your designs appealing?
What are the supplementary or complementary listings that go with your product?

The only way we can bridge the information gap between the unknown and certainty is through regular and extensive consumer research.

The feedback you receive from your audiences can be used to design or create new designs for your listings, improve SEO potential for your existing listings; it can even be used to strengthen your relationships with your suppliers and your customers.

The ability to design and submit surveys in minutes completely transforms the way our users develop their Amazon listings. Not only do audience-tested listings look great - the products themselves sell better!

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QA Specialist

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