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Marketing surveys for greater results

Researching customers takes the guesswork out of marketing

1000's of Helpfull pollsters are ready to address your concerns, so you can tackle important questions like:

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    When the best time is to send your marketing emails to your customers?
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    Where can you spend your marketing budget most effectively?
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    Which of your brands should you emphasize in your product mix?
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    What are the customer demographics you should target in your campaigns?
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    How should you incorporate the feedback you're given into your business processes?

In the era of 21st century digital surveying, you can develop our survey audiences with laser-like precision. When polling a general mix of online consumers fails to net you the type of focused data you need, you can choose to refine your sample audiences along the lines of dozens of unique customer demographics.

Marketing surveys for greater results

With Helpfull, users can choose to refine their online survey audiences along the lines of shared demographic traits such as:


The list doesn’t end there. By surveying the right audiences - audiences made up of your very own customers - you can be sure you are gathering the data you need in order to successfully run your marketing campaigns.

How surveys help marketers

Digital surveys are one of the most useful tools available for the marketer operating in the 21st century. There are many questions you need to ask yourself when trying to make the important decisions necessary to operate your marketing campaigns:

Are we keeping our customers happy?
Is our marketing budget being spent how it should be?
Where does our brand sit in the minds of our customers?
Surveys help you manage your brand
Surveys let you reach the audiences you need to hear from
Whether you are trying to develop better content for your fans, create the next piece of industry-disrupting technology, or simply learning how to better meet the needs of your clients - you can utilize online surveys in your business to get the information you need to succeed.
Surveys help you manage your brand
It’s no secret that the best practice for developing strong, resonant brand imagery is to conduct frequent consumer research. Even the giants of industry make sure not to take the critique from their consumers for granted; the big guys like Coca-Cola, Frito-Lays, and Unilever are always conducting consumer polls, questionnaires, and focus group testing to keep their designs fresh and appealing.
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Surveys let you test new ideas
Launching a new product or ad campaign without doing any prior research can be a very costly endeavor. We know that the best way to succeed in your respective markets is by making well-reasoned, informed decisions. Performing simple A/B testing on your ideas before you start marketing can help you steer clear of disastrous product launches.
Surveys let you test new ideas
Consumer market surveys

Consumer market surveys

Few research methods allow you to learn about your customers more intimately and effectively than the consumer market survey.

Market surveys let you to analyze your potential customers along the lines of shared attributes and buying behaviors. They can be used to collect data for an expansive range of research purposes, including: price trends, consumer values, buyer sentiment, brand resonance, and further. This kind of information allows you to develop consumer profiles for your buyers that you can use to more effectively market to them.

Quality market survey strategies not only help you gain a better understanding of how you can reach your consumers - it allows you to take better risks, avoid mistakes, and navigate the ever-changing online landscape of consumer tastes and market trends.

Start testing your marketing concepts and designs!

A simple survey could be all that stands between your company and the renewed success of it’s online marketing efforts; that’s why an intuitive user-interface - coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes - are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, marketer, or inquisitive spirit.

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Use marketing feedback to optimize your campaign

The feedback you receive from your online survey audiences can not only be used to design or create new business solutions; you can take these insights and use them to refine your existing business processes. The importance of efficiency in the modern business schema can not be understated - especially for marketers operating on a limited budget.

When you’re looking to get the most value possible out of every marketing dollar you spend, the best practice is to examine your existing business processes for inefficiencies. We can often be blind to our own mistakes. When we get used to operating in a particular way, it can be difficult to examine our processes in an unbiased way.

That is why it is imperative you get third-party critique on your practices. A community of 1000's of Helpfull panelists are waiting to give you the advice you need to optimize the way you market your business. Leverage Helpfull online research assessment in downloadable reports with graphical visualization as infuse insights into action.

No matter the question or issue you need to tackle -
our Helpfull panelists is going to give you the fast, high-quality feedback you need to make better business decisions.

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Types of marketing surveys for your business

No matter the size of your business, your marketing budget, or your research concern - we have surveys to fit every need.

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