Helpfull for Political Surveys & Research

Gather real-time voter insights and conduct sentiment surveys to support your political campaigns.

Test Political Signs & Ads

Test Political Signs & Ads

Get Feedback On Campaigns

Get Feedback On Campaigns

Data-driven estimation of polls

Data-driven estimation of polls

Custom Built Survey

Custom Built Surveys

Identify Constituents Pain Points

Identify Constituent's Pain Points

Helpfull for Political Survey & Research

A Data-Focused Election Strategy

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‍A successful election comes down to winning the vote of citizens in your community. To do that, it helps to know as much information about them as possible.

Leverage Helpfull's survey technology to understand how to make the strongest impact on your voter base.

Survey US-Based Voters

Our survey participants pool includes over 50,000 pre-screened US-based participants.These are real voters, who can provide honest feedback on your survey within minutes.

Prepare for Your Political Debates
Get To Know Any Voter
Use hundreds of demographic filters to gather data for voters from specific locations, party affiliations, hobbies, income levels, and more.

Create a Custom Pool of Respondents

Filter your survey respondents by hundreds of demographic attributes. Perfectly match your local voter demographics, or gather data on a specific sub-section of voters.

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How Do Political Surveys Help In Polls?

Advertising During Political Events
Identify Top Advertising Channels & Variants

Advertising can be a great way to attract new voters to your campaign. Use surveys to identify the most impactful ads for each individual demographic segment, as well as the most effective channels to reach them.

This allows you to use your advertising budget most effectively, and avoid costly live testing.

How Does Political Survey Help In Polls?
Use Data to Inform Campaign Strategies

Use surveys to generate data on campaign issues. More flexible than traditional campaign surveys, Helpfull can create a holistic view of any demographic or election priority in as little as 30 minutes.

Export completed survey data to Excel or csv to collaborate and share the report with others.

Provide A Baseline for Future Strategies
Stay in Touch With Voters

Keep your finger on the pulse by hearing from real voters about the issues they care about. Prior to a local event or speaking engagement, survey a representative voter group to find our their top political priorities, then integrate this information into your outreach strategy.

Instead of costly, time-consuming traditional political research channels, Helpfull allows you to receive real-time anonymized feedback from voters in minutes. Stay agile, and stay connected to your voter base.

Party Logo Testing
Party Logo Testing

A picture is worth a thousand words, after all. Test different logo variations to find which resonates the most with potential voters and why. Analyze for name recognition, partisan cues, branding, color schemes, and more.

Use top-performing logos in campaign materials to achieve the strongest results.

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Benefits of Political Surveys

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Gauge and analyze public opinion on various issues, including the economy, foreign policy, and the environment.

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Receive open and honest feedback on campaign messaging from a select demographic.

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Test campaign graphics, ads, and logos to find best performing variants.

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Understand which political issues are most important to groups of voters.

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Gather issue-specific survey data to share in public-facing arenas. Show voters you are committed to a particular issue.

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Identify areas of political agreement and disagreement across demographics

Why Political Campaign Groups Choose Helpfull

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Start Using Surveys to Optimize Your Political Campaign

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