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Get real-time feedback on images

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Wide variety of demographics across the USA

custom panel as per target audience

Create a custom panel based on your target audience

downloadable reports

Leverage downloadable reports

Improve Your Design Process With Real-time Reviews

Want to test out your new logo or website color scheme? Collaborative design reviews can be an essential part of a successful launch.

With Helpfull, you can get instant feedback on your design from a pool of over 50,000 US-based panelists. Test your logo for brand sentiment, make sure your event flyer draws attention, and more.  

Use custom surveys and data-driven insights to improve your design, then feel confident in your work when it's time to launch.

Feedback into Actionable Insights

Real Feedback On Any Design

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UI/UX Screens
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Mobile App Graphics
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Icons and Fonts
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Landing pages
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Magazine Layouts
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Social Media Posts
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Video Games Elements
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Concept Art

We are introducing random avatars to our users, which style do you like the most?

Avatar A
guy with spike and bird
40% (80 votes)
head ribbon girl avatar
US · Female · 26-34
The most fun and creative of the options. Other seem generic. A green pigeon on his head? That's where my vote goes
Comment 1 of 80
Avatar B
afro american girl
34% (68 votes)
bearded guy avatar
US · Male · 36-45
I like the detail of it. It feels more professional to me, but also fun at the same time
Comment 1 of 68
Avatar C
geek girl
26% (52 votes)
boy avatar
US · Male · 18-25
I chose this avatar because it seemed more clean to me. It would also drag less attention to itself than other options
Comment 1 of 52

Get Fast Feedback from Over 50,000 Panelists

Need quick feedback on a project you're working on? As opposed to typical online focus groups, Helpfull will return a full set of survey responses in as little as 10-30 minutes. Fast, affordable results allow you to iterate and improve your design with every step.

Compared to online forums, Helpfull is anonymous and secure– allowing you to share company designs without risk of design theft.

Get Real-Time Feedback survey

Follow Survey Best Practices

Our survey templates follow survey best practices, leading to the most accurate data.

No Bias Questions

Surveys can be vulnerable to user biases in a variety of ways, which may skew results. Our question templates incorporate anti-bias survey questions, which also include information about user response, behaviors, and decision-making processes.

Balanced Scales
Unbalanced scales (for example: "On a scale of 1-5, how much did you like this product?") can lead to confusion or user misinterpretation. Our survey templates ensure questions are clear, balanced, and perfectly match the question.

UX surveys for more leads and sales
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Review Figma Mockups and Prototypes

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Landing Pages
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Clickable Prototypes
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Draft Mockups
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Color Palette Choice
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Icons Style
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Mockups Copy Feedback
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Isolated Features Testing

Please take a look at our Figma Landing Hero Page design for 30 seconds and tell us what you think our application does?

sample test page
old man avatar
US · Male · 66+
I haven't gotten the idea at all. What's "testing"? You guys should make it clearer for non-tech-savvy people.
Comment 1 of 100
long face avatar
US · Male · 26-35
Wow, great design! As far as I understood your application helps with testing of different images texts, or websites and might be helpful for UI/UX researchers and entrepreneurs.
Comment 2 of 100

Create a custom panel that matches your specific target audience

Create a custom panel  by surveying a general mix of the population or targeting particular demographics

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Marital Status
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Prime Member
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Video Game Player/Book reading
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Dietary/Fitness Level
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Why Choose Helpfull?

With a network of over 50,000 pre-screened participants, you can get real-time feedback and make changes to your designs faster than ever before.

Customize Target Audience

Choose from dozens of demographic markers or ask additional screening questions in the survey.

Example: "How often do you use this product in a month?"

Customize Target Audience

Library of Templates

Create your own custom survey, or choose from a library of pre-built templates on the Helpfull platform. These plug-and-play templates have already been designed with survey best practices in mind.

Survey question templates

Shareable Reports

Create beautiful, data-rich shareable reports with the touch of a button. Use these reports to drive business decisions, collaborate with your team, or share with clients.

Shareable Reports

Unlock Powerful Insights for Your Next Project

Unlock your design project's potential with the power of realtime user feedback. Know exactly how your target audience will respond to your new design, prototype, or website.

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