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Amazon Split Testing To Dramatically Boost Your Store Sales

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    A/B Test Product Images

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    Test Brand & Product Names

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    Get Feedback On Packaging And Colors

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    Test Bullet Points And Copy

Audience feedback on real-time Survey

Improve Sales with Real-time Customer Feedback

Send custom surveys directly to your target customer, then receive responses in as little as 10 minutes. Starting at $1 per response, surveys allow Amazon sellers to leverage data in order to: 

• Improve SEO performance
• Increase Amazon sales
• Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Test Your Product and Listing Changes

Test changes before launching it live on your listing. Using data-centered processes, you can test:

• Product image variations
• Listing headlines
• Product descriptions
• Response of product target markets
• And more...

Know the impact of these changes to your sales, before they affect your bottom line.

Use A/B testings for your Amazon listingsAudience feedback on real-time Survey

Learn More About Your Customer

Surveys allow you to learn more about your target customer in order to better tailor your listing to meet their needs. Use Amazon market research surveys to learn things like: 

• What aspects of your product appeals the most to your customer?
• What competitor's product do they use the most, and why?
• How can your product better appeal to their needs?

Through targeted consumer research, you can strengthen your storefront and maximize earning potential.

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Refine Your Amazon Survey Audiences Based On Target Customer Traits

Choose from hundreds of traits to create a survey group that matches your target customer.
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Amazon Prime Membership
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Number of Children
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Political Affiliations
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Home Owner / Renter
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Income Level
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Social Media Usage
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A/B Test Your Amazon Ads & Listings

What is A/B Testing?

Amazon split testing is a highly effective way to gather data about what works- and what doesn't- for your listing. This allows you to improve clickthrough rates and increase sales.

Traditional Amazon A/B Testing

Split testing services like Splitly, Listing Dojo, or Amazon's Manage Your Experience have several limitations for sellers:

  • They require you to already have a large amount of traffic flowing through your listings
  • They may require continuing payment
  • There is no realtime results, and actionable data may take days to generate
  • Using live traffic to test design iteration is risky, and may negatively influence your sales
A/B Testing for Amazon Ads

Amazon Split Testing with Helpfull

Helpfull lets you perform instant A/B testing on your Amazon listing, without risk to your sales pipeline.

  • Affordable survey options with no locked-in plan
  • Get responses & feedback in real-time
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless reporting & analysis

Use our pre-made Amazon survey templates or create your own custom survey.

Testing creative design and image variations

Types of Split Testing

Helpfull’s open-ended testing design allows users to test any element of their Amazon product listing.

Customer Experience
UI/UX testing
Customer exit surveys
Order processing
Refine Listing Content
Written content analysis
Visual design testing
Test Product Ideas
A/B product testing
Brand sentiment surveys
Product packaging testing
Refine Your Storefront
Shopping cart processes
Review request processes

The ability to design and submit surveys in minutes completely transforms the way our users develop their Amazon listings. Not only do audience-tested listings look great - the products themselves sell better!

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