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Settle A Bet With Helpfull Surveys

For as long as there have been more than two people living on the planet, there have been disagreements. With Helpfull, any bet can be settled on the fly using community surveying and rapid poll responses.

February 5, 2023

Settle A Bet With Helpfull Surveys

For as long as there has been more than two people living on the planet, there have existed disagreements.

The act of wagering dates as far back into human history as fire-starting, rock-throwing, and animal-pelt fashion shows. The advent of things like currency and commerce turned betting into gambling, with entire industries springing up and forming around the idea of just a few men being statistically more right than most men. Famously, the Guinness Book of World Records was conceived as a way to settle disputes between aggrieved bar-patrons, who might have otherwise settled their friendly disagreements with broken bottles to the face.

The advent of the internet, and the ease of access to all of humanity’s stored knowledge, turned the world of betting on its head in a number of ways. For starters, disputes over who starred in what film or what was the name of the inventor of the badminton racket would no longer take days of research in order to settle. The name of any world-record holder, no matter how obscure or inane the sport (read: world record holder for fastest bed maker), could be attained in seconds. With the ability to settle factual disputes at the press of a button, bets over matters of fact quickly dissipates into the ether - leaving two major facets of wagering left: Gambling or sports betting, and wagers over matters of opinion.

The internet and its many social media platforms ensure that it has never been easier for someone to share their opinion with a vast number of people - no matter how flat-out wrong that opinion might be.

With the Helpfull, the calculated use of surveys can aid in settling any manner of personal dispute; because nothing feels better than having the data to back up a much-deserved, “I told you so!”

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The Helpfull image-comparison survey tool makes getting the community feedback you need to settle a bet easy!

Settle Any Bet With Helpfull

Odds are, if you’re at the point where you’re turning to digital surveys to settle your bets, that you’ve come to a heated difference in matters of opinion. Batman vs. Superman, Coke vs. Pepsi, Football vs. Baseball - everyone has an opinion that matters deeply to them; it’s also just as likely that these opinions piss someone else off. The human brain seeks to identify itself with the world it inhabits - one of the ways it attempts to do that is by anchoring emotions to our opinions. We often identify with things that we like, be it the sports teams we watch, or the video games we play, or even the food we eat; when these opinions are invalidated or threatened, it can feel like a personal attack on us.

With the psychology behind attachment and opinion in mind, we asked the community to settle one of society’s most hotly-debated questions: which animal makes for the best pet?

Settle Any Bet With Helpfull

In less than twenty minutes, over a hundred pollsters came together to share their opinions on the topic. With a decisive majority, the live bet is settled; not only do we have a resolution to our hypothetical dispute, we now have 65 people backing up our assertion. To all the cat and fish lovers out there, we’re sorry - but a completed survey means the people have spoken. And they made their case for why dogs reign supreme.

hundred pollsters opinion best pet

When it comes to settling matters of which opinion is more valid or sound, the most effective method for obtaining meaningful results is by casting a wide net into a sea of unbiased pollsters. The Helpfull survey app allows for quick, decisive decision making backed by community feedback. When you rely on friends and family to settle bets, things can get nasty; it’s much more convenient to blame a selection of faceless strangers if things don’t turn out your way.

Writer's Note: I have love in my heart for all creatures; but you know I had to place my money on the dogs.

Get Feedback On A Variety Of Betting Topics

With a vast number of pollsters to draw from and a versatile survey design interface, the Helpfull app can be used to settle disputes on any number of topics.

Consider, for example: you’re in a downtown coffee shop, enjoying a pleasant Burnt-Caramel Macchiato with fresh chocolate grated on top. It doesn’t matter to the story, but it sounds delicious - right?

While you’re sitting there sipping your coffee, your drinking companion compliments the warm, brassy notes that are coming off of the cafe’s record player. They insist that vinyl is making a comeback, and that more people “our age” are listening to vinyl. You politely disagree, and challenge your friend to a friendly little wager. You’ll ask fifty people in your age bracket to weigh in on the matter - whoever loses out has to buy the next round of espresso shots.

Get Feedback On A Variety Of Betting Topics

In the time it takes for you to finish your first coffee, you’ve had fifty strangers from your desired age range to weigh in on the topic of music listening preferences. You sit back, sipping on your espresso, and reflect on how free coffee just tastes that much sweeter than coffee you had to pay for yourself.

And that's another win for us - thanks to surveys!

Choose An Audience That Fits Your Needs

Choose An Audience That Fits Your Needs with social media platform

Not all wagers are petty disputes over musical preferences or pet ownership. There are many situations in which neither party knows the answer to a given question, and would simply want to research a topic. When deciding to create a survey for feedback, it’s important to consider if the makeup of the audience will have any meaningful impact on the results you get.

The demographics of an audience are vital to consider when discussing topics that require some extraneous knowledge or understanding of a topic. Polling an aging, retired population on the merits of assisted living home design would garner results that are more meaningful than polling recent college graduates on the same topic. With the Helpfull app, surveyors can choose from a wide and varied selection of demographics to ensure their poll reaches an audience tailored to their specific needs.

With the Helpfull app, surveyors can choose from a wide and varied selection of demographics

In the example demonstrated above, we asked an audience of men and women between the ages of 18 and 45 for their opinions on what the superior social media platform is. By narrowing down our audience to the demographics that are most likely to be utilizing multiple social media apps on a regular basis, we’re able to garner feedback that is both useful and pertinent.

Bet On The Winning Horse - The Helpfull Horse

The robust nature of Helpfull’s design makes surveying any audience quick, easy, and reliable. With the ability to gather hundreds of meaningful pollster responses in a matter of minutes, Helpfull is the ultimate tool for settling any dispute - all while keeping your friendships (and drinking glass) intact.

Settle your bets - sign up with Helpfull today, and get surveying within minutes!

Types of Feedback