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Choosing Good Dating Profile Pictures With Helpfull

Helpfull’s versatile design makes it the ultimate tool for any accessory dating app desires. An audience of pollsters catered to your specific needs provide helpful feedback that can be utilized for years to come.

February 5, 2023

Choosing Good Dating Profile Pictures With Helpfull

Nobody ever said taking great dating profile pictures was easy.

It’s Friday night, and for one reason or another you’re left with zero plans: your friends flaked, they chose that bar you hate, or you’ve simply decided to stay home for a quiet night on the couch. As you settle on the couch beneath favorite fleece blanket, your phone vibrates! It’s a notification from that app - you know, the one with the fire and all the swiping - and it says you’ve got a match! Pressing your thumb against the screen, you’re greeted to the sight of your newest potential suitor and - yikes - they’re not quite what you’re looking for.

Dating Profile Pictures With Helpfull

Against your better judgement, you spend the next fifteen minutes scrolling, reading, and swiping through the app - lost in a sea of inert profiles and droll biopics - and it’s all for naught. Your missed connections pass idly by, and the matches you do get just aren’t living up to your expectations. So you close the app, crack open that tub of Chunky Monkey ice-cream from the freezer, and throw on another episode of the Office you’ve seen five-too-many times.

Okay, we might be projecting a little with our example here. But if you’ve found yourself on a Friday night in a similar position - or are simply looking for a little direction into improving your chance at landing a hot date - rest assured, there is an easy solution!

First Impressions Make The Date

Selfie, or full body shot?
Which filter should I use?
Am I showing my best side?
How do I know what I should show?

Figuring out the answer to these questions can be difficult; but we've got some good news.

With Helpfull surveying, an audience of your peers is ready to help you identify your perfect profile picture.

Odds are, your looks aren’t the problem - it’s your profile!

First impressions are essential in the world of online dating.

Both men and women struggle with creating the perfect profile for themselves that captures all of their many unique qualities and interests.

You’ve got anywhere between 2-10 seconds to capture your future partner’s attention as they’re scrolling - how do you do it? With an attractive profile photo that captures all of your charm and personality, of course!

polling on dating profile

Helpfull’s robust image comparison surveys are the ideal tool for receiving quick and meaningful feedback on your photos!

Pulling from the relationship-seeking website giant eharmony, the stats that back up the importance of dating website profiles are concrete and impossible to ignore.

With over 40% of Americans using online dating apps and dating websites, the pool of potential matches (and competitors) is vast.
Researchers from datacrunchies.com found that 72% of Tinder users valued physical looks as the most important metric when determining a potential match.

Clever quotes and interesting openers simply fail to compare when looking at the effectiveness a solid main profile picture brings at attracting new potential partners. So make sure your profile is going to make you look like there is more to you than just cheesy pick-up lines taken from the internet.

Putting Your Best Face Forward with Helpfull

Creating the perfect dating website profile can feel like a tight-rope balancing act sometimes.

Like a salesperson whose product is themselves, you’re looking at highlighting all of the many features that make you a good buy - without coming across as too “salesy”, or looking like you’re trying too hard. It’s not an easy feat - which is why over 22% of online daters have reportedly asked a friend to help create or critique their dating profiles. While it’s natural to want outside feedback on your dating profile, more often than not your friends will do more to hamper your "dateability" than they do help it.

Receiving critique from your friends introduces a myriad of issues related to bias and favorability - especially for something as subjective and personal as a user profile.

Their judgements are clouded by their opinion of you; on top of that, they very well might not be of the target demographic you’re trying to reach with your profile. And let’s not even get started on the awkwardness that would stem from getting dating advice from one of your parents or family members.

Putting Your Best Face Forward with Helpfull
The best solution for getting concrete, objective feedback on your profile is to seek out the critique of helpful strangers.

Helpfull’s community of pollsters can provide you with the feedback you need to find the best picture for your dating profile. In a matter of minutes, you can shop your photos around to dozens of helpful individuals who will not only vote on what photo they think best suits your looks - they provide you considered, measured feedback on what makes that photo pop.

With Helpfull, you have the power to choose how your survey is run - and who gets to see it. With a breadth of demographic options, Helpfull is the ideal tool for helping you get feedback on your photos from a set of pollsters carefully catered to the specific target demographic you want to reach, be it: men, women, LGBTQ+, persons in a specific age bracket, or those who share specific hobbies and interests as you.

Get Meaningful Feedback On Your Profile Pictures From Targeted Audiences

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just get generalized feedback on your pictures; you want critique that matters. The best way to get that kind of feedback is to survey individuals in your target demographic. Every marketer knows that focusing your approach on reaching your target market is the only way to conduct research - and when you’re putting yourself out there on a partner-seeking website, you’re stepping into the shoes of a marketer. You wouldn’t ask a child for advice on the best bars to hit on the weekend - so why would you accept profile advice from someone you wouldn’t date?

 Feedback On Your Profile Pictures From Targeted Audiences
Getting feedback from your target audience is your best chance of developing a good online dating profile.

With the Helpfull app, narrowing your audience demographics can be done at the click of a button. The audience selection feature allows you to narrow down pollsters on the basis of sex, age, sexual orientation, or even hobby preferences and political affiliations. For the example above, the audience of pollsters was narrowed down to those who only fit the following demographics: ages 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, and female. With demographics that match the romantic interests of our subject, Helpfull was able to gather up to 50 responses in just 35 minutes - all women with unique perspectives and comments to share about his choice of photos.

unique perspectives and comments to share about choice of photos

Helpfull’s user-friendly interface allows surveyors to easily access pollster feedback in real time.

An overwhelming majority of women chose the photo that portrayed the man in the most casual, true-to-life setting. They valued the professionalism of the photo, and appreciated that the photo didn’t make him look like a party-boy or a “drunk” - as one pollster noted. In addition to voting for the photo they saw as the most attractive, the feedback given on the photos that did not get selected provide valuable insight into what women do and don’t like in a profile picture. With fifty new critiques to consider, our dating app user can resume his swiping with renewed confidence in the quality of his profile.

Helpfull’s audience selection page
Helpfull’s audience selection page makes it easy to pick and browse different demographic options.

In the above example, a young woman is looking to receive advice on her dating profile photos from a selection of men in the age-ranges she is romantically interested in.

young women received advice on her dating profile photos

After carefully selecting all of her top photos, she was able to get unique critique from a variety of men in her age range.

Ultimately, the votes were much more divided across what Helpfull’s pollsters thought was the ideal photo for her profile app; however, the critique they have provided for her left her with lots to consider.

Helpfull’s pollsters thought was the ideal photo for her profile app

The young men that responded to her profile noted varying opinions on the metrics of photo framing, filter usage, choice of outfit, and the personality that was hinted at with each individual photo choice. Helpfull’s pollsters not only provided meaningful critique for our subject - they gave our young romantic a powerful confidence boost in her self-image!

Helpfull Makes Digital Dating A Breeze

Helpfull’s versatile design makes it the ultimate tool for any accessory dating app desires. An audience of pollsters catered to your specific needs provide helpful feedback that can be utilized for years to come. The app can be utilized to garner significant feedback on everything from profile pictures, to outfit choice, and even bio design.

Make digital dating decisions with ease - sign up with Helpfull today, and get surveying within minutes!

Types of Feedback