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What Color Should I Paint My House - Choosing Paint Colors With Helpfull Surveys

For those of us who lack an Interior Design degree, choosing color options for our latest home improvement project can be a huge headache. There are an overwhelming number of considerations to be made when committing to a color style: the desired tone of the room, the furniture colors, furniture style, the longevity of the paint - it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

February 5, 2023

What Color Should I Paint My House - Choosing Paint Colors With Helpfull Surveys

For those of us who lack an Interior Design degree, choosing color options for our latest home improvement project can be a huge headache.

There are an overwhelming number of considerations to be made when committing to a color style: the desired tone of the room, the furniture colors, furniture style, the longevity of the paint - it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

Whether you’re planning on tackling one wall, a fence, a garden shed, or even want to paint your house - there is one simple way to make choosing paint colors easy: get some help! Utilizing Helpfull’s intuitive surveying systems, there is a community of helpful pollsters ready to give you considered feedback for all of your home-improvement dilemmas!

Getting advice from an audience neutral, third-party advocates means that you can back your decision-making with dozens, even hundreds of unique insights! Helpfull’s user-friendly design interface makes it easy for anyone to get started with their surveys, reducing the time it takes for you to get the feedback you need on your projects - it might even save you a trip back-and-forth from the home improvement store!

In order to answer the question "what color should I paint my house", we'll turn to the Helpfull community for guidance; but first, let's take a look at another useful tool we can use to help test paint shades for our new house colors!

Using Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer To Test Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer

While you’re likely to find several applications that perform a similar function, the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer is the most intuitive and efficient way of testing out colors for any of your home improvement needs.

To get started with the app, all you need to do is choose whether you’re testing on the website’s sample room - or if you’d like to upload your own photo. Whether it be your living room, your kitchen, or even the home's exterior - the ColorSnap Visualizer makes home improvement easy.

ColorSnap Visualizer makes home decor easy

The Sherwin Williams’ application allows you to upload and test interior paint or exterior paint colors on any photo you’d like. Once you’ve uploaded your desired photo to the site, a brief walk-through tutorial will point out the different features of the tool. The masking tool feature allows users to draw out areas of the room they would like to test colors on; once a selection of the room (the ceiling in our case) is mapped out, the user can quickly test out different color schemes by dropping swatches into the designated areas.

The ColorSnap® Visualizer allows users to browse and save a selection of color swatches to a palette for easy use. Once the wall is painted, users can press the “download” button to save a test photo that features their mock wall and the color scheme featured.

Once you’ve got your selections saved, you’re ready to get testing the curb appeal of your new color combinations!

Choose Exterior Paint Colors With Community Feedback

Feedback on wall color selection

Helpfull’s intuitive design interface makes it easy for first-time users to develop surveys in minutes!

No matter how big or small in scope your home improvement project might be, it’s vital to get an outside set of eyes on your house paint color scheme. Painting can be an incredibly time-consuming and expensive endeavor to undertake. The near-permanent nature of paint means that you’ll be stuck with whatever color you choose for years or even decades, depending on the project. While getting the advice of friends and family is always welcome, it is important to get an outsider’s perspective as well. The unbiased critique of a stranger can be used to frame your decision-making in a new light, or shed some new insight onto alternative options for your project.

Helpfull’s polling for home improvement projects

To showcase how Helpfull’s polling can be utilized for home improvement projects, we asked one hundred Helpfull pollsters to give us some advice on paint colors for the interior walls for the living room of our house. In just 20 minutes, we were flooded with responses.

panelist positive responses for home color selection

The Helpfull community was more than eager to give us their thoughts on the merits of our paint colors we provided. They noted their personal favorites, their anecdotal experiences with wall painting, and their explanations as to why certain paint colors should be considered more heavily over the rest. Ultimately, they decided on the “Ice Drop Satin” color, because of the uplifting effects blue tones have for those existing inside the room.

Even if we were to ultimately decide on a different paint color than the one chosen by our audience, we can utilize the critique and advice they’ve given us as we continue through our home-improvement process.

Paint Your House Exterior With Audience-Tested Color Choices

When it comes to choosing paint colors for an exterior house make-over - even if it is something as small as a new coat of paint for the front door - consider the audience your choices will be exposed to. If you’re designing the interior of your home, the potential pool of persons that will be exposed to your color and style decisions will likely be limited to your close friends and family.

What if you’re looking to go bigger, bolder? Taking on a massive home-improvement project like painting the exterior house brings in a whole new audience to consider, i.e. everyone that will be looking at your house for the next two decades. When looking at how to choose exterior house paint colors, it’s important that your choices are made with not only your personal preferences in mind, but the tastes and opinions of your neighbors and your HOA. Nobody wants to look like the sore-thumb that sticks out among a sea of color-coordinated homes.

Audience-Tested Color Choices

We placed ourselves in the shoes of a brand new home-owner and head of household. We wanted the Helpfull community to give us their advice on the various color combinations we want to test for the home's exterior, to ensure that we were making the best decision for us and our neighbors. It took less than 20 minutes for the community to come to a decision; with a hundred new insights available to us, we were left with quite a lot to consider on the subject of choosing exterior paint colors.

Helpfull community comments on home's exterior test

Reading from the dozens of considered comments given to us by the Helpfull community, we were able to learn: community preferences, color theory advice, and even the history behind some of the color design options we had considered. Ultimately, the community was divided between the more traditional color palettes, and couldn’t come to a clear consensus; but now we know to stay clear from the color yellow!

Paint Your House With Confidence

Whenever you’re making serious house painting commitments, it’s imperative to consider the audience you’re seeking advice from. With Helpfull, audience selection is broken down into two sections: general audience, and specific demographics. The Helpfull community is broken into dozens of different demographic categories that ensure you can design an audience that best fits your surveying needs. Sex, age, political affiliation, social media usage - you can even break your audience down on the basis of what hobbies they enjoy!

Audience selection image

For our last example, we asked one hundred pollsters to give us advice on a particular home-improvement scenario. We posed as a thoughtful husband - one who was looking to surprise his wife for Christmas by repainting her garden shed. We only wanted advice from other women, and so the Helpfull app’s polling methodology was altered to only submit the survey to female pollsters.

 pollsters comments on home-improvement scenario

The results we received were overwhelmingly positive. Not only were the women able to come to a clear consensus on which paint colors and roof style they liked best for a she-shed - they provided us with considered opinions and thoughtful advice to help build our confidence in our ultimate decision!

Audience responses on painting any House

While there was a clear audience for each of the paint colors presented, the women who picked the pastel green option were extremely enthusiastic about sharing why they felt their choice was the most appropriate. They felt that the tones had the widest audience appeal, blended in well with a garden setting, and still retained a natural femininity to it that would be appreciated by my theoretical wife.

Color Your Decisions with Helpfull Feedback

Helpfull’s easy-to-navigate user interface, coupled with the immediate response time from a community of accommodating pollsters, makes it the ideal tool for any home improvement project considerations. Throughout any stage of the color selection process, you can receive measured community feedback in the time it takes to drive out to your nearest hardware store to pick up color swatches. The insights provided by an audience of your design can be utilized throughout the entirety of your home improvement journey, and beyond.

Color your world - sign up with Helpfull today, and get surveying within minutes!

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