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Comparing Your Best Date Night Outfits With Helpfull

One simple survey can have a lasting impact on the way you approach your fashion decisions in the future. With Helpfull, community feedback can be used to determine outfits for any occasion: job interviews, formal dinners - even weddings!

February 5, 2023

Comparing Your Best Date Night Outfits With Helpfull

Picture this:

You’ve got a date today. It’s been on your mind all morning, and you’ve cleared your schedule to prepare for it. This is your first date together, after all - and first impressions are everything. After getting showered, groomed, and pep-talked - it’s time to raid the closet and pick an outfit. There’s only one problem: you can’t decide what you’re going to wear on your date!

Wracked with indecision, you try on a variety of your evening’s best in front of the mirror. After another hour of playing fashion-show in front of your vanity, you’ve made some progress! Out of the heaps of discarded cardigans and shirked shoes, you’ve managed to narrow it down to just a few select outfits. They all look so great on you - but how could you possibly decide which one is the best?

A flash of inspiration strikes you like a lightning bolt. You fire up the Helpfull app, upload your final fashion choices to an image-comparison survey and - voilà! In the time it took you to re-organize your wardrobe, you’ve received hundreds of anonymous comments from strangers on the merits of your fashion choices. Knowing that you’ve tested your outfit in front of an unbiased audience, you can enjoy your first date in your ideal evening wear feeling fresh, fierce, and fashionable!

Helpfull survey to compare Best Date Night Outfits

With Helpfull, choosing your “big night” outfit with community feedback can be managed with just a few clicks!

Get Fast, Objective Feedback on Your First Date Outfits

Whether it comes from a friend, a family member, or a spouse - we’ve all been asked to put on our fashion-expert hat and give our input on an outfit at some point.

You’re there, you’re a second set of eyes - so you’re obviously the best person to ask for advice; ignoring the fact that you might not know the first thing about fashion, or perhaps can’t realistically be bothered to give more than a passing glance at the options presented to you. And of course, you pick the outfit you think they want you to pick. You wouldn’t want to offend their feelings, after all.

When you rely on friends for fashion advice, issues like bias and favorability become readily apparent.

It may not feel like a big deal that their judgements are clouded by their opinion of you - but first impressions are everything. Whether you’re picking the ideal first date outfit, or choosing the suit you’ll wear to your big job interview - unbiased feedback is always preferred. There are many situations in which you’re not dressing to impress your friends, but a total stranger: the job interviewer, the hiring manager, the blind date, the college admissions advisor, etc. Getting feedback and input from Helpfull’s pollsters ensures your outfit choice will best resonate with these neutral and unbiased third parties.

With Helpfull, you can easily receive feedback from an assortment of neutral respondents of any demographic - be it sex, age, sexual orientation, or even relationship status.

Panelist feedback on perfect outfit

Choose an Appropriate Audience For Date Night Outfit Ideas

Audience selection for Date Night Outfit Ideas

With Helpfull, precise demographic refinement options ensure that you only receive comments from an audience catered to your specific feedback needs.

If you’re a young guy looking to pick an outfit that is going to be a hit with the ladies for your big night out on the town, you’re likely not going to your grandfather for advice.

Conversely, if you’re a career-oriented woman who needs a second opinion on the best outfit to wear at your formal business luncheon, you’re not soliciting advice from 18-year-old boys. With the Helpfull app, test audiences can be refined to specific target demographics of your choosing.

In the example above, three different first date outfits were tested in front of an audience of fifty women - all of whom gave unbiased critique of the gentleman’s outfits.

community feedback for the best occasional outfit
In less than half an hour, our young romantic was able to test his fashion choices in front of his desired audience - with great success.

Not only does he now have the ideal outfit to impress his date, but he has fifty new insights into his fashion choices to keep for the future. If he wanted to narrow his audience even further, he might select only women in the 18-25 or 26-35 age brackets - ensuring that his test audience only consisted of women in the same demographic as his date.

Now what if you wanted to get advice on outfits for something other than date-oriented fashion? With Helpfull, community feedback can be used to determine outfits for any occasion: job interviews, formal dinners, television appearances - even weddings!

A Survey For Any Outfit Occasion

Survey For Outfit Occasion

From formal galas to casual connections - Helpfull’s survey audience will give helpful feedback on fashion for any function.

First date outfit ideas aside, a Helpfull survey can be used to receive community feedback on fashion for any number of different junctures. In the example shown above, the Helpfull community was asked to help determine which outfit would look the most appealing if worn for a formal dinner function. In order to get the most accurate results amongst a diverse group of participants, two separate surveys were run - one aimed at a strictly female audience, and one for a strictly male audience.

Helpfull’s surveying methods for choosing occasional outfit
Helpfull’s surveying methods for choosing occasional outfit

Over one hundred audience members were tested - fifty female, and fifty male. Results came pouring in, and within a half-hour a consensus was reached. Among both test audiences, the white dress was chosen as being the best outfit to wear for a formal occasion. They chose the outfit based on the merits of color connotations, style, the cut of the dress, the fit on the model - even the color contrasts between the model’s complexion and the fabric.

Helpfull’s surveying methods go farther than simple polling numbers. The feedback and consideration given by test audience members proves to be an invaluable resource for current and future decision-making. One simple survey can have a lasting impact on the way you approach your fashion decisions in the future.

What Helpfull Does Best

Helpfull is the premiere surveying software for anyone looking to get the most out of their marketing efforts. With a vast variety of different question types to choose from, Helpfull surveys can be generated and delivered to thousands of panelists in minutes.

Helpfull for real-time feedback survey

These are just some of the features that make Helpfull a must-have tool for those looking for quality consumer feedback:

  • No Locked-In Price Plan
  • Affordable Surveying Options
  • Create Simple Surveys with Pre-Set Questions, or Design Your Own
  • No Extra Cost For Multiple Questions in a Single Survey
  • Wide Variety of Polling Demographics to Choose From
  • Get Responses & Feedback in Real Time
  • Save Your Favorite Answers for Easy Reference
  • Aesthetically Pleasing UI and Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Easy to Access Prior Surveys

"Helpfull multi-question surveys design for occasional outfit

With Helpfull’s open-ended survey design, users can design visually-striking, multi-question surveys for any occasion!

A simple survey could be all that stands between your company and the renewed success of it’s online marketing efforts.

An intuitive user-interface, coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes, are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, marketer, or inquisitive spirit.

Refine your marketing - sign up with Helpfull today, and get surveying within minutes!

Types of Feedback