Types of Feedback

Need to choose a new career?

Making the choice to pursue a career is a deeply intimate, personal decision that relies on a variety of factors. Utilizing Helpfull surveys, you can make sure you're making the best choice for your future.

December 22, 2020

Get Help Choosing Your Career with Helpfull

Choosing a career is one of the most difficult choices anyone is asked to make. It’s something we’ve been peppered with questions about ever since we were old enough to speak. It’s a decision with monumental consequences to consider; and the choices that we make can have serious repercussions, good or bad, on how we live our lives. Aside from sleeping, odds are we’ll be spending more hours at our job than any other single activity over the course of our lives. It’s a big decision to make. With all of this in mind, there is a way to take the fear and indecision out of answering life’s biggest questions: getting help.

Helpfull’s efficient polling methodology, coupled with a wide pool of pollsters - each willing to share their own insights and personal experiences - makes the app an invaluable tool for tough decision making. Oftentimes, our ability to solve problems on our own are marred by our biases, inadequacies, and experience gaps. Getting an outsider’s perspective on the issues that you deal with is a sure-fire way to gather new insight that we can use to evaluate our problems more effectively. The ability to draw from dozens, or even hundreds of new opinions and anecdotes can provide the confidence needed to make long-term decisions one can stand by.

Use Objectivity To Evaluate Your Decision Making 

Often, we look to the people closest to us for life advice. Friends, family members, trusted mentors - these are the people we trust to give us sound knowledge and expertise. These are the people that know us, who understand our wants and desires better than most; thus, it makes sense to seek out advice from them. The issues that stem from only seeking advice from people that know you intimately cannot be ignored, and therefore it’s vital to also seek guidance from neutral third-parties.

When you exclusively seek out advice from trusted confidants, you run the risk of missing out on objective, unbiased critique. The judgements offered by your friends and family are clouded by their personal desires, and their established opinions of you. Helpfull’s pool of objective pollsters fills the gap left by this lack of outside critique.

Helpfull’s user-friendly design interface makes it easy for new users to design their own surveys in just seconds!

In the example above, we designed a simple image-comparison survey to showcase the different career options we were considering taking as a high-school graduate. With a clear interest in civil servatitude, we assembled a selection of similar career options in adjacent fields: EMS, firefighting, and police work. In just 15 minutes, one hundred pollsters responded to our survey with their decisions and critique. Ultimately, they selected EMS as our desired career path. 

The Helpfull pollsters did more than simply click a button and vote on our career options - they gave us measured, thoughtful feedback on why they selected the career path that they did. Summarizing the insights made by those who chose EMS, they saw the career field as being the one that was: most safe, the highest regarded by the general community, and the most in-demand of the selected career fields. Even if we were to choose one of the other listed options, the critique offered by these individuals can be utilized throughout our decision-making process - even as we consider other career opportunities.

Using Helpfull to Narrow Your Decision Pool

If you’re someone who is actively pursuing a career, odds are that you’ve got a general idea of what you’re looking to do; even if you don’t, you’re acutely aware of what you don’t enjoy doing.

When making hard decisions with multiple options to consider, sometimes the best course of action is to shift focus away from concrete decision-making entirely. Narrowing your consideration pool by cutting out the weakest options can help you better understand your motivations and preferences.

Utilizing a Helpfull text-comparison survey, we asked the pollster community to decide which of the following  specializations we should pursue in our continuing medical career: cardiology, neurosurgery, or orthopedics. The enthusiasm that was shown on the part of those who opined for cardiology and neurology vast outweighed that of the crowd that chose orthopedics. 

Utilizing the advice and anecdotes provided by the community, we can better formulate our own opinion on these specialities. We may not be ready to make a decisive choice in our career field just yet - but we can apply the knowledge given to us by these neutral arbiters to narrow our choices, and perhaps exclude some options from future consideration. Goodbye, orthopedics! 

Get Meaningful Feedback From Your Target Demographic

The best way to get concrete results from any survey is to consider the makeup of your target audience. When it comes to something as personal and monumental a decision as choosing your next career field, it’s vital that you are seeking advice from the right kinds of people. 

With Helpfull, precise demographic refinement options ensure that you only receive comments from an audience catered to your specific feedback needs.

With Helpfull’s dynamic audience selection options, selecting the appropriate audience demographic is as easy as checking boxes. The specific demographics for a survey audience can be narrowed down on the basis of: sex, age, smoking or non, political affiliation - even the kinds of hobbies they enjoy. For the following example, we sought career advice exclusively from a more experienced crowd of individuals - those ages 36+. 

With our desired audience selected, we took on the roll of a freshly-graduated teacher. We wanted advice on which avenue of education we should explore as a career, and we only wanted to hear from a demographic that is far-removed from their own educational career. These are people who likely have had children of their own, and would be able to give us considered advice derived from a lifetime of experiences. 

In just 10 minutes, we received an outstanding number of thoughtful replies from the Helpfull community. They decided that Primary Education would be the most practical and enjoyable career-field for us to teach in, and they shared with us their experiences to back up their choice. Teachers, parents, educational professionals - all of them came together to share their insights with us, and help aid us in our decision-making process. 

Consider Your Career Options Using Helpfull

Making the choice to pursue a career is a deeply intimate, personal decision that relies on a variety of factors: your preferences, your life goals, your physical capabilities, etc. It’s a choice that nobody can make for you but yourself; that doesn’t mean that you’re alone in putting the pieces together that ultimately form your decision.

Utilizing Helpfull’s dedicated polling base can provide valuable insight and outside expertise for any of life’s toughest challenges. With a lightning-fast distribution system, concrete polling methodology, and a wide base of dedicated community members - getting the help you need is just a few button presses away. 

An intuitive user-interface, coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minutes, are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, or marketer.

Never doubt your decisions again - sign up with Helpfull today.

Types of Feedback

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