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Top Political Research Topics for 2022

Getting an idea of what branch of political science you want to investigate before you research helps to provide structure and meaning to your paper.

Adam R.
March 22, 2023

Top Political Research Topics for 2022

Top Political Research Topics

Political science is a diverse and expansive subject, with many unique disciplines. Developing a quality political science blog or essay begins with choosing the right topic. Getting an idea of what branch of political science you want to investigate before you research helps to provide structure and meaning to your paper.

What Makes an Interesting Political Research Topic?

In order for a political topic to be interesting, it must be both engaging and relevant.

The process for choosing a topic that meets both the criteria starts when the author defines what branch or field of political study they want to investigate. From there, political scientists  can narrow down their focus until they’ve pinpointed the perfect topic for their research.

Political Science Research Topics: Domestic

There is no shortage of pertinent and insightful topics pertaining to domestic issues in the United States. If you’re looking for a political science research topic for the US, consider writing about any one of these complex issues.

  1. The perception of the Black Lives Matter Movement across the political divide.
  2. Potential candidacies for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. 
  3. The state of the 2nd amendment in 2022.
  4. What changes should be made to the US constitution?
  5. What rights should Americans have regarding their internet privacy?
  6. How should the Biden administration handle the border between the US and Mexico?
  7. Should revisions be made to the current two-party system of politics?
  8. Write about the potential implications of a reconstruction era under President Lincoln.
  9. Should there be a cap on immigration to America?
  10. Should the electoral college be abolished?
  11. How should politicians work to battle disinformation?
  12. What does “freedom” mean in America?
  13. How can politicians work to increase political participation among the youth?
  14. Should America adopt a socialist economic system?
  15. America’s role as a global military power.
  16. How to enfranchise minority voters in America.
  17. The controversial legacy of the Patriot Act.
  18. How to tackle America’s decaying infrastructure.
  19. Should some form of reparations be paid to the African American community for racial injustices done to them? (i.e. slavery, Jim Crow, Redlining)
  20. America’s role in the global War on Terrorism.

Political Science Research Topics: International

Diving into topics related to international politics can help bring a more diverse audience into your readership. Consider researching one of these international political science research topics.

  1. How should global powers work to better prevent pandemics from worsening in the future?
  2. What should be done - if anything - to curb the power of global financial institutions?
  3. Human rights violations in Kazakhstan.
  4. The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 
  5. Is the United Nations effective at achieving its stated goals?
  6. How should the current generation work to preserve the planet for future generations?
  7. What should be done to address global poverty?
  8. How can new technology be used to address over-consumption in the industrialized world?
  9. Does social media increase global co-operation or foster nationalism? 
  10. What do rising sea levels mean for coastal populations? 
  11. Who has a right to the Arctic circle?
  12. Should sanctions be put on Israel for illegal actions taken in the Gaza strip?
  13. What should be done to address corruption in global politics?
  14. Should corporations be fined for working with suppliers that use slave labor?
  15. The Syrian Civil War.
  16. Wildfires in Australia.
  17. Rising global ocean temperatures and the implications.
  18. Increasing tensions at the Ukrainian/Russian border.
  19. Should there be agreed upon international standards for internet privacy?
  20. Global immigration trends.

Political Science Research Topics: Comparative Politics

Comparative political topics involve investigating two or more positions, groups, or phenomena for the purposes of developing new insights. Tackling any one of these topics is a great way to start developing your comparative political science abilities.

  1. United Kingdom vs. European Union Politics
  2. United States vs. European Union Politics
  3. Declining forest rates in the Amazon vs. the United States
  4. How should world governments work to avoid another global war?
  5. Secular Nations vs. Religious Nations
  6. Collectivism vs. Individualism
  7. The concept of “Manifest Destiny” and how it compares to other forms of imperialist thought.
  8. Erosion of democracy in countries across the world.
  9. What are some of the root causes of political violence?
  10. Western Colonialism vs. Eastern Imperialism 
  11. Tensions in the middle east: 1970’s vs. Today
  12. North Korea vs. South Korea
  13. Causes of immigration around the globe
  14. How has the perceived efficacy of the federal government changed decade over decade?
  15. How have technological innovations in the 21st century shaped our lives - for better, and for worse?
  16. The controversy surrounding Taiwan’s recognition as an independent nation.
  17. Response to COVID-19 in the U.S. vs. other nations.
  18. Illicit drug use in America vs. Europe.
  19. The developing political landscape of contemporary Africa
  20. Israel & Palestine. 

Political Science Research Topics: Philosophy

Some of the most thought-provoking political science subjects pertain to philosophy. Exploring these political science essay topics can help widen your view of the world and expand your insights.

  1. Are our political beliefs influenced more by reason, or by emotion?
  2. Are we born with set political beliefs?
  3. How should prisoners be treated by the law?
  4. Ethical concerns surrounding globalization.
  5. War: Is there ever a situation where it is morally permissible?
  6. Should one allow their religious views to impact their politics?
  7. What is more important: freedom, or safety?
  8. The complex relationship between morality and legality.
  9. The death penalty.
  10. The legality of drugs.
  11. The differences between Eastern and Western political ideology.
  12. Does the state have a monopoly on violence?
  13. War propaganda in the entertainment industry: is it immoral, or overstated?
  14. Discuss internet misinformation and its destabilizing effect on global political structures.
  15. How does today’s idea of “democracy” hold up to the common definition of the concept in the early 20th century?
  16. Discuss the radicalizing effects of alienation in society.
  17. Egalitarianism vs. Utilitarianism 
  18. Are covert government operations ever morally justifiable or necessary?
  19. Who should be held accountable for crimes committed during a war?
  20. Do unethical political means justify ethical outcomes?

Political Science Research Topics: Law

The law and its interpretations are one of the most controversial and contentious fields in the realm of political science. Legal analysts and lawyers spend extensive amounts of time researching precedent and past cases in order to develop their arguments. Here are some of the most pertinent topics being discussed in recent years.

  1. The illegality of cannabis in the Federal government.
  2. The Human Rights act of 1998.
  3. Bail reform.
  4. What limitations should be placed on police interrogation methods?
  5. How should the federal government work to secure voting rights in America?
  6. States’ rights.
  7. Gender bias in custody battles.
  8. Criminalization of the homeless.
  9. Corruption in the judicial system.
  10. Constitutional amendments.
  11. Should the internet be regulated as a public good?
  12. How can the judicial system work to hold wealthy & influential criminals accountable?
  13. Police accountability.
  14. Transparency in the legal system.
  15. LGBT protections.
  16. Expansions on environmental protections.
  17. The Jeffrey Epstein case.
  18. Expunging records for citizens with marijuana priors.
  19. Discuss the benefits and concessions that come with having a jury of your peers.
  20. Do we need laws prohibiting the use of AI for specific activities (i.e. war)?

Political Science Research Topics: Economics

Economic research is another highly specialized field of political science. These topics pertain to all manner of issues related to finance, commerce, trade, policy, and more. 

  1. The financialization of public life.
  2. Rising global inflation.
  3. The economic impact of COVID-19.
  4. What should be done about the lack of affordable housing in the United States?
  5. Who should have to pay for the efforts to tackle climate change?
  6.  How can global economic institutions be held accountable for their role in facilitating illegal activities (i.e. money laundering, tax avoidance)
  7. Discuss the global economic fallout caused by the 2008 Financial Crisis.
  8. Why do so many young Americans feel alienated and disenfranchised by Capitalism?
  9. National conservatism vs. Economic globalism.
  10.  How has the phenomenon of American companies moving their manufacturing overseas negatively impacted the financial security of the United States?
  11. Should the US do away with the greenback?
  12. The rise of Cryptocurrency as a global financial system.
  13. Work-from-home: revolutionary, or transitory?
  14. How should world governments hold the global 1% accountable for paying their taxes?
  15. Should the government provide more economic stimulus to struggling companies owned by minority business owners?
  16. The economic realities of libertarian theory.
  17. Is global capitalism effective at managing and solving problems in the 21st century?
  18. What new economic theories have taken shape in the last two decades?
  19. The “gig economy”.
  20. Why does poverty exist in the world’s wealthiest country?

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