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6 Ways to Improve Your Political Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action is one of the most valuable tools authors have when leveraging their power as a writer to promote change.

Adam R.
March 22, 2023

6 Ways to Improve Your Political Call to Action (CTA)

Political Call to Action

A call to action is one of the most valuable tools authors have when leveraging their power as a writer to promote change. The utility of a well-written and purposeful call to action cannot be understated; when used effectively a call to action can inspire donations, campaign organization, and even grow social movements. What an effective political call to action can do is only limited by the persuasiveness and authority of its author.

Writing a call to action that can move readers and spur them to take political action is not an easy task. In this article, we will explore several ways authors can improve their ability to craft well-written and effective CTAs.

How to Write a Call to Action 

How to Write a Call to Action

All great calls to action contain the same basic elements. Without these core components, a call to action cannot hope to move your audiences to act. Focusing on refining these elements of your CTA will result in better outcomes for your copy.

The basic structure of a call to action includes:

  • A Headline
  • Graphics or Video
  • A Call for Advocacy 

Additionally - if your call to action asks readers to follow a link, make sure the link is embedded somewhere obvious and that the link routes to the correct page. Including your link too early or too late in the copy may negatively impact your click-through rate; make sure you are strategic in both your CTA placement and where you place your links.

6 Ways to Improve Your Call to Action (With Examples)

examples to improve CTA

Write with your audience in mind

One of the most often neglected aspects of a call to action is your audience. Writing an effective call to action cannot happen in a bubble; you must keep the preferences and sensitivities of your audience at the forefront of your CTA creation.

To ensure your call to action resonates with your target audience, research them ahead of time. Using surveys or split tests are cheap and effective means for learning crucial info about your readers (i.e. their beliefs, their voting history); they can also be used to measure the efficacy of your call to action draft before you officially publish. 

Calls to action that are tailored to their target audience naturally perform better, and aid in differentiating your messages from those of your competitors.

  • Donate $10 today to help us fight back against our opponent!
  • Sign up today and get a free campaign sticker shipped right to your mailbox!
  • Volunteer next week at our “Save the Children” rally!

Make your call to action instructional

Ensure your call to action is effective by writing clear and concise instructions. A direct and punchy CTA helps to nudge readers in the direction you want them to go.

  • Follow our newsletter to keep up with us!
  • Enter your email for a chance to win!
  • Email your representative about (issue) today!

Write your call to action in the form of a question

If you are having difficulty with your political CTA, try phrasing it in the form of a question.

Writing a call to action as a question can make your appeal appear more organic and less demanding. Forming your CTA as a question can also improve the overall clarity and direction of what you’re asking.

  • Can you donate $5 to our cause?
  • Will you sign up to stay informed?
  • Can you take a short two-minute survey about your political views?
  • Will you keep up to date with our cause by following our newsletter?
  • Are you ready to get out and vote?
  • Will you commit to telling 3 friends or family members about our service?
  • Can you volunteer just 2 hours of your time to help canvas? 

Make your call to action exciting

A call to action is an opportunity to drum up excitement for your cause, and engage readers on an emotional level. Driving them to act with a pertinent and exhilarating call to advocacy can inspire readers to take immediate action.

  • RED ALERT - There is limited time to get this legislation passed; you must ACT NOW!
  • Limited Time Only - Subscribe today for 10% off a yearly subscription!
  • Revolutionize the way you get news with our latest app! 

Make your call to action relevant

A call to action must seize the moment. The more relevant the call to action is to the topic discussed in your copy, the more readily readers can act on it. 

Here are some examples of calls to action that could be used to follow-up an article about lobbying for single-payer healthcare. 

  • Act fast to give the people healthcare - sign up for our newsletter!
  • Volunteer at your local chapter today!
  • Here’s how you can make a difference.

Place your call to action strategically

The exact placement of your call to action impacts the reception of your call to action. Depending on the tone and length of your copy, inserting your CTA in the body of the article - while you have your reader’s attention - can bolster the click-through rate of your links.

  • Can you take this short 2-minute survey about your experiences with (issue)?
  • Want to take action? Here’s how you can help.
  • Sign up for our “Act Fast” text alert program!

In other cases, it may be more appropriate to leave your call to action for the very end; once you’ve given your readers all the facts, and have given them time to absorb your full message. Here are some examples of calls to action that could be added to the end of a piece on Supreme Court nominations.

  • Act fast - here are some you can help save the courts.
  • Want to make your voice heard? Sign our petition.
  • Sign up for our “Judicial Watch” news tracker - never miss an update.

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