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“Information is power. Particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same”.

- Mark Cuban
We have all USA Based Panelists - Real People, Quality Feedback &  Honest Answers
We've spent a lot of time and effort pre-screening all of Helpfull's panelists to ensure you get the highest quality feedback. With our demographics combinations you're able to dial in exactly who you want to send your surveys or feedback tasks too.
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Survey a general mix of US residents or choose specific demographics to create a custom panel that matches the target audience of your organization.
Marital Status
Amazon Prime Member
Coffee/Tea Drinker
Fitness Level
Game Player
Book reading
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Here's How Helpfull Works
Here are a few ways it’s being used...
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Build your survey

We've focused on building the easiest to use online feedback platform. We have 3 main survey & test types below that our customers use.

  • Simple Surveys:  Send our focus group panelists simple surveys that include pictures and videos to get feedback on; perfect for market research.
  • Video Recording Surveys: These surveys will record the panelists screen as you have them visit websites or watch videos. Great for UI/UX testing.
  • Webcam Surveys: Our webcam surveys will record the panelist as they are taking your survey. These are useful to see people facials reactions. Some clients find this highly useful as it's very similar to an in-person focus group.

Select demographics

Imagine knowing exactly what your target demographic thinks of your product, website or service before you even release it.

Now you can by picking the exact demographics you're looking to target and getting their feedback.

It's like a crystal ball of seeing your potential customers reactions allowing you to fine tune everything before it's finally released.

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Get a detailed report

Most of our clients who send out questionnaires to our panelists get results within 10-20 minutes! However for more specific demographics it may take a bit longer.

You'll see the results show up in real-time in your account. It's really exciting to watch the answers start popping up on your report page.

Get results in minutes, try sending your first survey out right now!
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Be Smart, Save Time & Get Honest Feedback.
Tapping into the Helpfull panelist pool makes your life easier. Whether you're a designer, marketer, business owner, writer, journalist, researcher or more. The list goes on and on of all the different ways our users have found to use our platform to produce better outcomes for themselves and their organizations.
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Quality Feedback
Actionable reasearch you can use to make better decisions quickly.
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Real People
All our respondents are real US based people ready to help out.
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Honest Answers
Unlike friends or family you'll get raw honest feedback.
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Any Target Audience
Create the perfect panel of people using a variety of demographics.
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Boost Revenue
Use this market research to see real changes to your bottom line.
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A/B Testing
Simplified A/B testing with the best results in minutes rather than weeks.
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Idea Validation
Think you have a great idea?  Now you can find out right away. Save time and money.
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Market Research
Use our demographic options to do power market research easily.
For Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Designers, Product Owners & Researchers.
Need feedback from a specific demographic of people?  Setup your questionnaire now and have answers from our pool of respondents in minutes.
Amazon Sellers
Test product images, colors and more to see better CTRs with higher sales and income.
Graphic Designers
Get instant feedback on logos, advertisements, photographs and more in minutes.
Ecommerce Companies
Get feedback on your website or app to give users a better user experience.
Business Decisions
Test company names, get idea validation, product market fit and more.
Authors / Writers
Test book cover graphics, titles, plot lines, character names.
Content Creators
Get feedback on videos, content, blog titles, taglines to create more engaging content.
Use Helpfull To Get Brutally Honest Feedback
Make better decisions for your organization by getting fast feedback from real people in the demographic of your choice.
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