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“Supposing is good, but finding out is better”

— Mark Twain

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A hero image is a header that is displayed on a brand's Amazon store page. Which hero image would be the best fit for a company that sells imported coffee beans?

Image A
handful of coffee beans
63% (94 votes)
girl avatar
US · Female · 18-25
The inclusion of a human being in the picture makes the image more human-like and "hero". It would both demonstrate that they sell beans but also that they are done by humans and can connect to their customers on amazon.
Comment 1 of 94
Image B
spoonful of coffee beans
21% (31 votes)
old man avatar
US · Male · 66+
This image is the most professional and interesting out of the three. Some people don't like tattoos, so that image might not be the best. The image of just the coffee beans is OK, but a bit boring and doesn't catch the eye as much. The beans in the silver cup is eye catching and it's close enough to see the details of the beans.
Comment 1 of 31
Image C
coffee beans
16% (24 votes)
long face avatar
US · Male · 26-35
I like the large quantity of beans in this photo. It signals big production and good variety. It makes me think about smelling that pile of beans. Also, I don’t want to see bare hands handling a food product.
Comment 1 of 24

If you were looking to buy a Water Testing Kit on Amazon, which product image stands out most?

Image A
complete water testing kit
38% (114 votes)
head ribbon girl avatar
US · Female · 26-35
This one seems the most professional and clinical of all the choices. It gives me more trust in it's scientific accuracy. I like that I can see all the pieces as well.
Comment 1 of 114
Image B
water test kit image
32% (96 votes)
bearded guy avatar
US · Male · 36-45
The product claims to be “complete” leading me to think it includes everything I need. I also like the color chart that is included.
Comment 1 of 96
Image C
water test kit image
30% (90 votes)
boy avatar
US · Male · 18-25
I like less details and this image only shows the package. Sometimes less is truly more.
Comment 1 of 90

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Helpfull political surveys leverage quick surveying technology to let a concerned candidate understand the issues voters care about the most. Use these insights to customize your campaign strategy and focus on the most important issues to voters. Determine how you should spend your political resources to make the most significant impact. A survey allows voters to assess if voters care about more than one single issue. Helpfull pollsters ensure to invest in your success; the expert panelists are dedicated to giving you the guidance you need to develop a stunning political campaign for your upcoming election.

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FGD Experts Insights Conduct a political survey to learn more about your opponent's stance on the issue. It allows you to know what to expect from your political opponent during the debate and can better prepare your own arguments and responses. Knowing your opponent is a two-way street. You can protect your personal information without providing details that may be used against you later in the political campaign. Use the information derived from political surveys to improve your targeting and messaging. Use this data to reach voters better and show them why they should vote for you. Craft your ads and outreach programs more effectively, ensuring it reaches this specific group of voters and motivating them to vote for you. Survey results are easy to digest as we offer you the appropriate graphic such as line graph, pie chart, & more to cleanly display your survey data.