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Using business surveys informs your decisions

Get feedback from thousands of people in minutes to make smarter decisions for your company

Using business surveys informs your decisions
business surveys to track financial success

Creating business surveys is one valuable tool any business owner can use to make sure their company is on the right track to financial success.

The flexibility provided by a survey’s open-ended structure allows you to design a variety of tests and questions you can use to gather important data about your business. Unlike a poll or a questionnaire, online business surveys are designed to produce tangible, pragmatic results.

With the recent advances in digital surveying technologies, even small business owners can gather high-quality consumer feedback; the kind that was previously only affordable to large, established firms. Now, online surveys can be disseminated to an audience of thousands for a fraction of the costs associated with traditional phone surveying methods.

Helpfull online surveys can be built from the ground up, making us one of the most versatile survey platforms for business professionals looking to get the most out of their research budget. Whether you’re a team of one or one-hundred, the 1000's of pollsters on Helpfull can be used to help satisfy any of your burning consumer research concerns.

Real-time feedback platform for businesses

Real-time feedback platform for businesses

Helpfull’s instant surveying lets you validate business ideas in real-time - without having to wait hours or even days to hear back from your respondents.

When you’re looking to meet deadlines or to stay on top of ever-evolving consumer trends, time is money. Traditional surveying techniques such as phone polling or door-to-door soliciting were lengthy and expensive endeavors; on top of that, you were limited in your audiences to only customers living in your immediate vicinity, or to those who only had phones. These inherent limitations often lead to issues with the resulting data - usually pertaining to selection bias and overrepresentation.

Online surveys are an objective way to gather information from a large group of people, which can then be used to generate data and make decisions. It is the fastest way to gather accurate information about your target audience to make informed decisions. You can capture up-to-date real-time data and then use it to drive change towards your goals. Helpful online survey results are downloadable so that You can share the insights with your team for collaborative work to develop a solution that is best for your business.

Now, with nearly everyone on the internet, getting immediate online business survey results can be achieved for cheap - and with a greater level of accuracy than those outdated survey methods.

Whether you’re concept testing your very first product ideas, or you’re split testing your latest graphic design masterpiece - getting immediate feedback on your business ideas will help you create a better product.

How to use business surveys

No matter what problem or question you might have, Helpfull’s versatile online surveying platform can help.
Our business surveys can be used to develop a variety of solutions:

Gather unique customer insights

Our diverse community is made up of thousands of real, genuine personalities. Our demographics sample from a wide range of audiences. You can choose to survey either a general audience sampling, or you can refine your targets down to distinct niches. If the market is out there, we’ve got an audience for it.

Design your business branding

What do the entertainment, food & beverage, and automobile markets all have in common? They spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year conducting focus group testing and other forms of consumer research to develop their brands. Why spend so much? The results are unignorable. Developing your brand ideas with your consumers ultimately leads to the creation of a more enticing and effective brand image.

Test logo designs

Helpfull’s immediate surveying platform allows users to view feedback given to them in real-time, making it a useful tool for graphic designers and marketers who are looking to quickly integrate critique into their designs.

Strengthen your understanding of your customers

When you survey your customers, you are getting answers directly from the people who matter most. Gathering feedback from your target demographics allows you to gain an intimate understanding of your customers’ wants, needs, and desires. When you understand how your customers think and act, you can better address their needs through your newly developed business solutions.

Get feedback on your product and service ideas

Conducting an online feedback survey of current business products or your existing company procedures can yield surprising results. Designing quality survey questions about your product designs can save you time and money in the long-run by allowing you to focus-test your ideas before you start to market.

Develop your unique customer experience

Incorporating feedback can be used to improve your customers’ experience throughout every stage of the buying process, whether they’re: shopping in our stores, browsing through your digital catalogue, or viewing your social media accounts. People love to feel heard and appreciated - and when you make the effort to satisfy their grievances, you are strengthening your relationship with them; ensuring they’ll remain loyal customers well into the foreseeable future.

Logo testing options

Developing brand logos can be an expensive hassle.

If you’d rather do things yourself or in-house, getting outside feedback on your brand designs is crucial. These types of things can’t be left up to committee decisions and group-voting; you’ll end up with a watered-down product that won’t excite anyone.

Online surveys are easy to set up; they're accessible anywhere at any time and effectively reach a target audience. Surveys can be conducted remotely and can be run periodically (e.g., at regular intervals throughout the year) or ad hoc (for one specific project).

Helpfull’s surveys deliver feedback instantly to the user, allowing them to incorporate changes into their work on the fly.

With survey completion time averaging out around 18 minutes (100 people surveyed), graphic artists and designers can conduct multiple surveys throughout a single day in order to focus-test their logo iterations.

 options for logo testing
Idea validation surveys

Idea validation surveys

Do you have a unique business design you’d like to share with the world - but you’re not sure if it’s going to sell? Consider split-testing your ideas!

Our Helpfull community is designed to provide measured, constructive feedback for your survey concerns. Unlike polling on social media - where you open yourself up to criticism from strangers and internet trolls - our moderated community has your best interests in mind.

Gathering impartial feedback from custom mix of online your audiences is the best way to develop your designs. You can never be sure that the idea you’ve been sitting on isn’t going to be the next best-seller - so give those ideas some exposure!

Get started with business surveys!

A simple survey could be all that stands between your company and the renewed success of it’s online marketing efforts; that’s why an intuitive user-interface - coupled with the ability to gather hundreds of consumer responses in just minute - are just a few of the features that make Helpfull the ultimate tool for any artist, designer, marketer, or business owner.

Sign up with Helpfull today, and get the feedback from our online survey pollsters you need to make better business decisions.

Types of questions business surveys can answer

Types of questions business surveys can answer

When you look at managing your company - both day-to-day and in the long term - you might find there are many vital questions you're asked consider about your business:

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Am I keeping my customers satisfied?
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Are we keeping up with our competitors?
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Is our budget being spent effectively?
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What are our organization’s strengths and weaknesses?
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How can I adapt my business to changing economic forces?

The only way you can bridge the information gap between the unknown and certainty is through regular and extensive online consumer research. 

The feedback you receive from 1000's of pollsters can be used to design or create new business solutions, refine your existing business processes to make them more efficient, and even to strengthen your relationships with your suppliers and your customers.

Our diverse community is composed of thousands of unique individuals all across the United States. Hundreds of real people are waiting and eager to give you feedback on your latest work!

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Benefits of surveys for business

One of the most common failings experienced by both new business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike is that they underestimate the importance of research.

Quality online business surveying allows you to:

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Make informed and effective marketing decisions
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Monitor and manage your customer experience
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Generate new customers & help you keep existing ones
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Make confident decisions in high-risk situations
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Gather important data for product development
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Avoid cannibalizing your existing product lines

Through the development of intimate consumer profiles, carefully crafted brand identities, and thorough market research, you can satisfy your customers’ needs like you never have before.

Benefits of surveys for business

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