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Superb tool for very quick and insightful video tests. We use this to get video-based reviews of our Amazon listings. The little insights really help us improve our listings

Keith Mander, Founder at

Helpfull has made our UX design process simpler and more efficient. The seamless feedback flow has been a great asset, leading to positive results for our business

Joseph Russo, Founder at

Run surveys to get brutally honest actionable feedback for your company

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Types of  surveys you can build & send to our panelists

Questionnaire survey

Questionnaire surveys

These surveys are perfect for market research or design feedback. Use a variety of our pre-made survey questions and attach pictures, videos and more. Super simple to set up and run in minutes.

Screen recording survey

Screen recordings

Our screen recording surveys are popular with UI/UX designers allowing you to watch how testers interact with your website or app. Per-minute pricing is awesome for small and large projects.

Webcam enabled survey

Webcam enabled surveys

Our webcam enabled surveys essentially give you a virtual focus group by allowing you to see participant facial reactions as they step through the tasks and questions provided to them.

Be smart, save time & get honest feedback

Start testing in minutes 🚀

Tired of going through enterprise sales funnels and demos just to try out the product?
With us you just sign up and start - it's really that simple.
Our platform is designed with the user in mind, making it simple to set up and conduct tests, view results, and gather valuable insights.

Affordable pricing 🤑

Our pricing starts at just $7.5 for a screen recording or $1 for a general survey response, making it easy to gather user feedback without breaking the bank.

Responsive customer support 🙌🏻

Our team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone and more.
No need to waste your time waiting hours for your ticket to be reviewed.
We are here to help you with your testing.

Real-time and quick 🏃🏻

Get responses as fast as 15 minutes.
Watch the whole process real-time as responses drop in and your survey gets filled out by our participants.

We have all USA based panelists —
real people, quality feedback & honest answers

Survey a general mix of the population or use specific demographics to create a custom panel that matches your specific target audience.

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